Adulation for Teachers

Dear Meenakshi Ma'am

We may not remember everything you taught, but we will remember how special you made us feel. You are the best teacher because you brought out the best in us.

Siri Balaji

Dear Sangeetha B S Ma'am

Thank you so much for always staying by our side. You are the reason I started loving Biology and found my interest. We feel free to share anything with you. You were our first Class Teacher and hold a very special place in our hearts. Thank you for being who you are and helping us throughout. We, the first batch of 8th grade in the year 2013-14 truly felt like 'A family' with you.Thank you so much ma'am. We will never forget you!


Dear Arjun Sir

You have taught us the movements that will stay with us for life as another language of expression. THANK YOU!

Ana & Anusha

Dear Smith Sir

First of all Sir, Good day to you! As it is teacher's appreciation week I would like to take this Opportunity to appreciate you. It is only because of Sir that I know the ABCD of music.
When I was a kid I would always look forward to your music classes as you always treated me as a friend. I also appreciate your immense talent in the field of music as there is barely any instrument that you can't play and barely any song that you can't sing.
You are truly an inspiration to all students. You have thought me that nothing is impossible. Your contribution to all the 3 Ninaad is very much recognized and extremely appreciated by me. Thank you sir!

Janak Sunil

Dear Pooja Ma'am

To the one who has made this year much more fun and filled with joy by the best plans and class parties..
From clearing our smallest doubts to helping and supporting during our class've been the best...thank you, ma'am.


Dear Srikanth Sir

At this moment I have a chance to say a proper thank you for being such a fantastic teacher. Starting from an element to the formula, I've been experiencing difficulties but because of your guidance and caring the chemistry exam has been so easy and today I just love the subject chemistry. Cookies are sweet, but your teachings are much sweeter. Tons of thanks I owe to you sir for building up my chemistry foundations. You are such a passionate and caring teacher that I love to come to the class. Thank you so much!!!

Bhoomika Muddappa

Dear Srilata Ma'am

You were my first economics teacher and you have made the subject interesting for me. Your teaching skills are out of this world and the fact that you are prepared to answer every single one of our doubts till we get a satisfactory answer is something I really appreciate. You selected me and helped me prepare for De paul MUN and I got an award. This is one incident that will remain with me throughout my life as it taught me you can never stop learning about any topic. Your efforts in our fashion show played a huge role in getting a second place and it was only because of your guidance that we rocked it. I will take the feedback that you have given me in the PTM very seriously and I will do my level best to become a better human, because that is what you make me.

Janak Sunil

Dear Bindu ma'am

There's no one quite like a special teacher, and no teacher quite as special as you. Thank you


Dear Nalina ma'am

Your influence will never be erased. You reinforced sportsmanship in me.

Vridhi Rai

Dear Meena ma'am,

I would like to call you 'Educational Rock'. You taught us math in the best and a funny way. You are a wonderful teacher.


Dear Smitha C K ma'am,

It is indeed a pleasure to be in your class.
"Be it Math or Self - confidence, you have done the best job anyone can do as a teacher"!!
Thank you for being my constant support and telling me never to give up. You have re-ignited my interest in Mathematics and I cannot put into words how thankful I am for that.
With you in class, MATH IS FUN, Algebra, Geometry or Arithematics, you have taught us all math tricks!

Anupama Kejriwal

Dear Latha ma'am,

I really appreciate you for helping me out in History/Civics. You are the best teacher I have ever seen because you brought out the best in me. You are having treasure of knowledge, thanks for sharing it all amongst us and being a great leader. I always look forward for your classes and the stories that you narrate along with the lessons. I'm amazed by your confidence and patience. Thanks for everything.

Nidhi Gautam

Dear Amrita ma'am,

'Hats Off to your teaching methods ma'am'.
You come to our class with a cheerful disposition everyday which also lifts our spirits! It is due to this that all of us actually Look Forward to your classes. You ensure everyone's inclusion in class such that even the week student's performance has seen a huge boost. Thank you for all your sincere efforts ma'am!


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