Abracadabra - 2016

On February, 13 2016, NPSI Mysore heartily welcomed the parents of Pre-primary to witness the much awaited, annual class presentation, Abracadabra-2016. The presentations and decor gave an exceptional start to the pre-primary annual events. The parents were escorted to their respective classrooms with dance and music. The principal, Ms.Shubha extended her warm wishes to the parents and conveyed the importance of such class presentations to bring out the best in each child. The teachers were recognised for their efforts put in to make the show a success. The presentation began with a welcome speech, by the little ones from Pre- primary. The speech left the audience speechless as the children continued to speak confidently without a hitch. The parents were all set to enjoy the presentation, which was evident from their eager eyes. The stage was set and beautifully made up to suit the theme of each class. The pint-sized kindergarteners from KG1 took the audience on a Mystical safari, a journey into the world of beautiful birds and animals in a jungle. The students of KG2 spoke about all the wonderful facts on ‘Outlandish Fruits’, which was indeed a mouth watering treat. Montessori students from sections A and C took their parents on an enchanting journey through a beautiful garden. Children from Montessori B and C ensured each parents was flying high with ‘Birds’ as their theme. The teeny-weeny toddlers captivated the audience, as they spoke to the fruits, animals and birds along their journey. Each child spoke confidently and gave a complex to the adults in the audience. The joy was evident, as the audience applauded endlessly. The aptly dressed little champions, continued to surprise the awestruck audience, as they walked on the stage with confidence. The full house was compelled to applaud non-stop, sway and dance to the songs sung by the little ones. The event culminated with the promise to save wildlife, trees and nature.


Anokha as the name says was a unique show presented by our pre primary children. The show began with a dance, provoking the power of nature, performed by the students of the primary classes, who by their beautiful and gracious moves gave an introduction to the theme, the five elements of nature sky, air, earth, fire and water. After the dance the principal, Ms. Shubha, energized and welcomed audience. Our Montessori seniors and KG2 children danced to the tune of the happy songs to express that all elements have their happy moments along with their expression to portray how happy they were on graduation day. Their dance performance was vibrant and scintillating. Then our four super anchors were introduced to take the audience on a magical journey. Each element of nature was beautifully described in a dramatic and expressive manner. The dancers of Montessori and KG 1 set the stage ablaze with their elegant moves and their excited smiles. What a moment it was for the audience in the auditorium!!! The great moment was when our KG2 and Montessori seniors were all set and ready to take off on their graduation day, rendering beautiful and melodious songs. As each song ended, the students threw light on their most cherished memories and their learning through the years. A feeling of excitement was seen on the sparkling face of each little one as they received their graduation certificates. The whole show came to an end with lot of beautiful memories and exciting moments to carry forward to the next year.

Grandstand (Grades 1 to 4)

Grandstand 2016 at NPSI, Mysore is a stage presentation to showcase the multi-faceted talent of the tiny tots of grades 1 to 4. This programme was conceived with the purpose of giving every single child the chance to go up on stage, face an audience, believe in themselves and speak their lines with confidence. It is a constant endeavour at NPSI, Mysore to provide a platform for all children to stand up, look people in the eye and give their best performance with a confident smile. Grandstand 2016 at NPSI, Mysore - first of its kind, for grades 1 to 4 was a riot of colors. On 19 February 2016, it was a day full of joy and exhilaration for grades 1 and 2 and on 27 February 2016, for grades 3 and 4. Grade 1 class presentation was on ‘Colours – the smiles of Nature’. Colours are all around us. They are a human need as important as air and water, the class presentation of Grade 2 was on ‘Seasons – The colours of Nature’, Grade 3 class presentation was all about utilising time, considering it precious and making the best of it and The theme chosen by grade 4 was TEAM WORK. Like Henry Ford rightly said, “Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


We celebrated Accoladay 2015-16 on 12 February 2016. This is a special day in each academic year when we honour our students for their achievements through the year. On this day students received prizes from the Principal and the coordinator for co-curricular activities which were held in school for the primary, secondary and senior-secondary students through the academic year 2015-16. The prize distribution for the secondary and senior-secondary students was conducted in the morning. After the distribution of accolades, the House points were announced. Challengers lifted the trophy for a consecutive third time! Amidst roaring cheers, the House Leader for Challengers, Lalith Narayan made a speech on this achievement. Prizes were also given away for academic proficiency for grades 11 and 12 for toppers in their subjects, streams and batch. Ananya H S of grade 11 is the topper in the Commerce stream and M Shreya, the topper for the Science stream. In grade 12 the stream topper of Science was bagged by Abhijay Kumar Singh and that of the Commerce stream was won by Rohit Iyengar. It also turned out that the stream toppers scores were neck and neck and both Abhijay and Rohit were declared as the toppers for our first batch of grade 12 students. History was created in another award this day – The Best Outgoing Student. Rohit Iyengar who possesses qualities that are unparalleled and rare was declared The Best Outgoing Student of the year. On this occasion our Principal, addressed the students speaking to them about how it is important to balance work and play and how each of these have an important role to play in a student’s life. Very affectionately, she explained to the students the criteria for deciding upon the Best Class award and declared grade 8 as the Best Class in the senior group for this academic year. The prize distribution for the primary section was conducted in the afternoon. Grade 5 was declared the Best Class in the primary section for this academic year. Both the morning as well as the afternoon sessions had songs and dance which heightened the already charged atmosphere. It was indeed a day filled with joy, laughter and pride for students and teachers. Such appreciation and recognition undoubtedly motivates the students and provides the thrust for them to excel in academics as well as co-curricular activities, a strong foundation for total personality development!

Martyr's Day Celebration

The school celebrated the Martyr’s Day on 30th January to pay homage to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country. The programme commenced with the Invocation song Vaishanva janatho..... which was followed by placing wreath and lighting of lamp by the students and the Coordinator Gowri Ma’am for the martyrs. The students of Grade V, who were in charge of the proceedings, took the opportunity to remind everyone the great sacrifices made by the martyrs. The audience were educated with the significance of the day. Students sang a soulful song as a rendition to the martyrs. A role play on the assassination of Mahatama Gandhiji was presented. Video of Martyrs was shown.

Republic Day Celebrations

The school celebrated the Republic Day with pride and patriotism. The programme commenced with flag hoisting by Ms Shubha, Principal, which was followed by the National anthem. The students of Grade VIII, who were in charge of the proceedings, took the opportunity to remind everyone that the Greatness of India lies in her Unity in Diversity. The importance of the constitution was stressed upon, and amidst melodious rendition of patriotic songs, the students also sent across the message that childhood is precious for every child in the country through a thought provoking street play on Child Labour. The programme ended with a rhythmic dance, set to the music of Vande Mataram and Saare Jahaan se Acha.The students went home with renewed pride in being Indians and they pledged to make India proud of them.

Sankranthi / Pongal Celebrations

Sankranthi this year, was celebrated in the true Village style at NPSI Mysore. The Sankranthi group hosted a lunch for all the staff of the school in the ‘fields’, typical of Sankranthi celebrations in the villages. It being a harvest festival, the ambience of freshly ploughed fields, flowing water in a narrow canal provided the perfect setting for a traditional lunch served on banana leaves. As the guests approached the fields, they were greeted with cold buttermilk which was really welcome on the warm, sunny afternoon. This was followed by a game, where the winners walked away with baskets of fresh organically grown vegetables. After the game, a sumptuous lunch which featured the traditional Sankranthi dishes like ‘Huggi’ and sweet pongal was served, which was enjoyed by all. Having spent some pleasant moments is the shade of mango trees and furrows of ploughed land, with a lake in the background, the teacher and staff dispersed, back to the hustle-bustle of city life.

Graduation Ceremony - A Phenomenal Occasion for NPSI, Mysore!

NPSI, Mysore marked a milestone on Monday, 18 January 2016, as the first Graduation Ceremony of its very first senior secondary batch was celebrated. It was an event much awaited by the entire NPS fraternity as the Chief Guest for the evening was none other than Mr N R Narayana Murthy, Founder of Infosys. The evening saw the school premises drenched in many hues as the senior secondary students came in their formal wear – young men in suits and the ladies in saris. Proud parents walked in to witness the evening’s programme in the school auditorium. Mr Narayana Murthy in his Convocation address told the batch of graduating students that they could contribute to society by being the best in whatever they do. Stressing on the importance of a global education, Mr Murthy said that the NPS group of institutions had made a remarkable contribution in this area. Speaking on the occasion, Dr K P Gopalkrishna, Chairman, NPS group of institutions, told the senior secondary batch of students that the next decade marked an important period in their lives as it was crucial to mark out a path for themselves. He told the students that their contribution to society in every area was just as important as making a career for themselves. Addressing the students, the Principal Ms Shubha echoed the sentiments of the teachers that this particular batch of students held a place in our hearts as they were the first graduating batch and also a bunch of thoroughly committed and sincere students who were role models to their juniors. The scintillating Lamp Ceremony concluded the graduation programme. This was followed by the inauguration of the state of art sports facility by Mr Narayana Murthy, which in itself was a spell binding affair. The evening’s programme culminated with a sumptuous dinner for the dignitaries, parents, students and staff. The first Graduation Ceremony at NPSI, Mysore was indeed an event to feel proud of and to remember for the NPS fraternity.

Christmas Day Celebration

23rd of December is always special in NPSI, Mysore. A feeling of Christmas everywhere, all classrooms were decorated with Christmas trees, stars, stockings, mistletoes, streamers and a lot more. Students flocked into school dressed as lambs, sheep, cows, camel, shepherds and kings. All the students wore a Santa cap and the auditorium was filled with Christmas colours of red, green and white. The program began with an enthusiastic narration by two of the students which marked the beginning of a fabulous performance. To mark the importance of Christmas, the nativity play was enacted by the students of grade 6 and grade 2. Music was a blast, with the students singing popular carols like Silent night, Gloria, Joy to the world, Feliznavidad and other popular ones. The next was feet tapping dances performed by students which thrilled the audience. They were amazed at their flawless performance. Another scintillating performance was rendered by the teachers, who performed the ‘Flamenco Dance’ an artform and genre of music and dance native to the southern Spanish regions of Andulasia.Finally the most awaited moment was the arrival of the chief guest who came from the North Pole. The auditorium was filled with joy and happiness on the arrival of Santa, who wished the children a happy Christmas and a blessed ‘New Year.’ Everyone wished each other a Merry Christmas and parted joyously for their Christmas vacation.

Kannada Rajyotsava

Students of NPSI, Mysore celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava with great zeal and put up a fantastic assembly programme. The entire school wore a rich look with the colours of yellow and red everywhere. The event generated a sense of pride in the minds of the audience for being a part of a culture that is so rich and vibrant. Students presented 2 beautiful songs that captured the spirit of the day. Karnatakada ithihaasadali, bangarada yugada katheyannu haaduve keli, naa haaduve keli. Students enthralled the audience by dancing to the tunes of popular Kannada songs. A speech on Karnataka made students sit up and think about the history and achievements of people from the State. To conclude, the message was loud and clear- Ellaadaru iru, enthaadaru iru, Nee endendigu kannada vaagiru.

Scilore 2015 – Experiments g’Lore

Scilore- 2015 – a Social Science and Science exhibition was indeed a treat to every visitor and a pride to every teacher and student at NPSI Mysore. Scilore-2015- Experiments g’Lore showcased various areas under Social Sciences which included History, Civics and Geography which had students from grade V to VIII. There were models depicting the grasslands, deserts, forests , cave paintings and Harappan civilization and monuments and paintings of the Mughal Era. Students also depicted plays based on the court science of Akbar’s court and Street Play on child labour, which was the cherry on the cake. The Science Department was divided subject wise- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science which had students from grades IX to XII. It was amazing to see the upcoming scientists in each areas. Visitors were fascinated by the various experiments and working models which were done by the students. Some of the interesting experiments were the Mobile NPS app, The talking Robot, Instant ice-cream, Recording voice on a wire and many more interesting experiments. Visitors also had a chance to get their blood tested and identify their blood group. Students also put up an interesting and mind blowing Skit based on Forensic Science and also had a show- Glowing in the Dark- which showcased the magic of Chemistry with various chemicals. Scilore-2015 was a great learning experience for both teachers and students alike. The School wore a festive look and the hard work had come to life.

Investiture Ceremony...Oath to Lead!

Investiture Ceremony for new leaders was held on 30 June 2015 amidst great enthusiasm. It was a very special day for senior students who had been waiting for this day since the new academic year started. The programme started with a motivating song by grade 9 students urging the youth to reach for the stars. Then came the most awaited moment – presenting of badges to the elected heads and to those who were selected for representing the various associations. Our Principal presented these badges to all badge holders and also rendered the oath to the school Prefect, Vice Prefects and Executive. The leaders pledged to uphold the school motto ‘REACH OUT, REACH HIGH, REACH BEYOND’. In her address to students, Shubha ma’am emphasized the importance of having a dream and holding on to it in order to become a complete person, with integrity and empathy playing a major part in one’s success. The school prefect Rohit Iyengar and Vice Prefect Ananya H S, in their speeches, promised a definite change for a better tomorrow, reiterating the values of self discipline and respect for everyone. The programme concluded with a foot tapping number where a group of students from grade 2, 6, 7 and 8 energetically gave the message of believing in oneself.

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