Concerto 2017

On 24 March 2017, the pre-primary students of NPSI, Mysore, transported its audience to the land of fairy tales with its musical show 'Concerto'. This event was the proud culmination of a year well spent in learning and exploring new things. The highlight was the graduation of the pre-primary students stepping into primary section of the school. Success is like a mountain that keeps growing ahead of you. Graduation is a milestone ..... be it at pre primary or senior secondary. Our vibrant graduating batch of early learners looked regal in their graduating gowns and caps, all ready to step into the next level of schooling. It was truly a pleasure to see these twinkling stars geared up for further challenges in their school life. This was eloquently expressed by some of our little graduating speakers who shared their thoughts. The Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah handed over the mementos to all the graduating students. She also spoke on the occasion appreciating their self confidence and wished them the very best for their upcoming days as primary school students. This entrancing event concluded with a graduation song, followed by a thank you song that expressed gratitude towards teachers, moms, dads, grandparents and all. This show put up by the Early Learning Group left the audience with memories to cherish!


February 10, 2017 was the ‘ACCOLADAY’ at NPSI, Mysore. It was a very special day for us as we honoured our students for their achievements through the year. School days can never be complete without a little bit of sporty excitement, a bit of adventure and painting, dancing, singing and art. Inter-house and Primary competitions like Bits and Bytes, French Spell Bee, Odyssey of the Mind, Legendary Speech, Origami, sports and various other competitions in various areas develop students’ interpersonal skills so as to help them be confident individuals in the future. The prize distribution for the secondary and senior-secondary students was conducted in the morning. After the distribution of accolades, the House points were announced. Voyagers proficiently led by Tony, Arihant and Rhea had a remarkable year in every aspect of the competition held in school. It seemed like every voyager worked with commitment and passion to carry their flag higher than the others. It was sheer motivation and initiative instilled by the leaders which brought their house points to 3620. Voyagers held for the first time the house trophy for 2016 – 17. Vishnu Mangalvedkar who possesses qualities that are unparalleled and rare was declared the “Best Outgoing Student” of the year. On this occasion our Principal, addressed the students speaking to them about how it is important to balance work and play and how each of these have an important role to play in a student’s life. The prize distribution for the primary section was conducted in the afternoon. There was an incredible dance performance and a group song by teachers in both the sessions.

Abracadabra 2017

23rd February was indeed a day to remember for all parents. It was a day of beauty and colour as the early learners of pre-primary gave their best performance with confidence, during their class presentation. This year, it was an event with a difference. The show was at various areas of the school, such as the poolside, assembly area, garden and handball court. Children gave their best performance during their presentation. The performers looked stunning with their colour coded costumes and made the parents enjoy every bit of the event. The theme "Aquaposium" by KG 2 A, was a journey to all the water animals, to know about the characteristics and its facts. The theme "Go Green to Breathe clean" by KG 2B, explained in detail, how things can be used, reused and recycled. The theme "Friendship" was portrayed very well by Montessori B, with quotes and poems, which showed us that friends are forever. The theme "Nothing is impossible" portrayed by Montessori C, was about how things can be made possible in any given situation with focus and determination. Children of Montessori A explored the theme "Our Universe" with different planets and the little astronauts spoke about comets and other celestial objects. The theme "Gratitude" presented by KG 1 A and B, was about how it must be at the forefront of our minds and be thankful for whatever we have. This year to add a few surprises for parents, we had some interesting sports events too. Every child took part and enjoyed the most, with a sense of team spirit and togetherness.

Martyrs day 2017

On 30th January, Martyrs Day, the students of Grade 7 B paid homage to the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom, welfare and progress of the country. The Father of Our Nation, great freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi was remembered with great reverence. His work for peace, amity and brotherhood was recollected by Ms. Nalina in her speech. Most of the sacrifices by the Indian armed forces go unnoticed, probably because majority of Indians are unaware of what an Indian soldier has to face to protect the country’s border, land, interest and his fellow Indians. With an idea of dedicating a day to the people who dedicate their lives for us, the students initiated the programme with a verbatim of some of the martyrs like Bhagat Singh, LT.Col.Niranjan Kumar, Capt.Vikram Batra, Lt.Sakshi Shekawath and ATS chief Hemant Karkare. The armed forces are the prime guardians of our national integrity and sovereignty. The role of our army, air force, navy and coast guard was highlighted, and their bravery, discipline and unconditional patriotic values were extolled. Ten weather extremities which the armed forces brave in order to protect and serve us were presented in detail by the students with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. ”A soldier is never off duty” was clearly depicted by portraying a dance drama. The curtains were brought down for . the programme by saluting the martyrs and respecting their sacrifice for our welfare.

Graduation Ceremony 2017

Every student anticipates that precious moment when he or she will receive the reward for the fruit of their labour. 25 January 2017 was, a day marked in the calendar of NPSI, Mysore as it was the graduation ceremony of the second, senior secondary batch of students. The ceremony began with a thank you song by the outgoing batch followed by the lighting of the lamp by Dr. K P Gopalkrishna, Dr. Bindu Hari and Ms. Shubha Achaiah, symbolising dispelling the darkness and illuminating the ceremony. The school premises was filled with young girls and boys from the senior secondary all clad in suits and sarees adding grandeur to the ceremony. The auditorium was filled with proud parents seated on both the sides. The welcome address by Dr. Bindu Hari, enlightened the students with valuable and inspiring words and motivating videos and a song “Try Everything.” The welcome address by Dr. Bindu Hari, enlightened the students with valuable and inspiring words and motivating videos and a song “Try Everything.” Students were presented with a memento and a covenant to help them keep the memories of school life evergreen. They watched a video with messages from their mentors, which was enjoyed by the students and the parents in the auditorium. The Chairman in his address threw light on values of humility, sincerity and hard work. He encouraged students to take up the profession of teaching which is a noble profession and spread knowledge. The Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah in her speech said the school will always be eager to know the future achievements of each and every student and wished them success in all their future endeavours. She then proudly declared the students graduands. The speeches given by some of the outgoing students showcased the values imbibed by them through the school, in academics and in other areas. The graduation programme ended with a scintillating lamp ceremony. It was a very poignant moment indicating the light of brilliance, the light of knowledge and the light of excellence passed on to each one of them. The evening’s program concluded with sumptious dinner for the dignitaries, parents, students and staff.

Republic Day Celebrations

The 68th Republic Day was celebrated at NPSI, Mysore on 26th January, 2017. On this occasion the students of grade 4C were dressed in their ethnic attires to signify the feeling of unity in diversity, which is perhaps the most striking feature of the Indian republic. The programme began with the comperes wishing everyone a very happy 68th Republic Day followed by the hoisting of national flag by the sports vice-captain, Poorna Bhat. Students of grade 4C sang the song ‘Vande Mataram’ which speaks about the diversity in religion, culture, flora and fauna of our beloved country but at the same time stresses on the feeling of oneness among the people of India. This was followed by Ms Nandini H and Ms Shobha speaking about the sacrifices made by our great leaders. The musical notes of national integration “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” played by Mr Smith and sung by grade 4 students culminated the programme.

Kids2day International Book Fair

ook Fairs have a great role in promoting the reading habit among people of all age groups. The Kids2day International Book Fair is playing a pivotal role in reiterating the might of the pen and the printed word and is keenly awaited by students, teachers and all book lovers. NPSI had its fourth year of the book exhibition by the Kids2day International on 5, 6 and 7 of January 2017. This was organized in the Sports Hall in the Auditorium Block. All the students were allotted some time to visit the exhibition and pick up books. Parents were also invited to come and special entry pass was made for them. The exhibition had books for all ages in various categories- fiction, non-fiction, biographies, encyclopedias, early learning, picture story books, quiz books etc. The children were also offered small gifts like Book markers. on big ticket purchases. The teachers were also offered a discount of 15% on all purchases. This partnership has been mutually beneficial and we hope to have wider range of books on display and sale every year on.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas time is full of light, Christmas time is big and bright, Christmas time is to have some bun, Christmas time is to have lots of fun. Students from classes 2 and 3 took part in Christmas programme. They highlighted the theme of showing love and kindness to all. The programme started with an introduction by Ms Presilla and Ms Roopa, enhancing the importance of Christmas, Santa Claus and Christmas tree. The dance of grade 3 students filled the auditorium with joy and there was a festive mood in the air. The dance performance by teachers set the stage on fire. The Nativity scene enacted by the Grade 2 students brought out the fundamental elements of the Christmas season. It symbolizes a new life that will come to people, a change which offers us the opportunity of being born in love and wisdom. The thundering applause after the nativity proved that the message had reached every child. The students watched with awe, the KG 2 and Montessori senior students sing the carols on the lawn. The limelight of the celebration was when Santa Claus danced amongst the students, wishing them all Merry Christmas. The students danced along and wished each other. The programme came to an end with a beautiful message about Christmas and wishes for the coming year by Ms Shubha Achaiah.


Sportacus, the first Sports Day of the school was conducted on 17 Dec 2016 at the school Sports ground. The synthetic running track and the game courts looked absolutely resplendent as the students prepared themselves to enthral their parents and the dignitaries invited, to witness the show. Ms Silvie Jose, Head of the Department of Physical Training, NPS Indiranagar and Dr K P Gopalkrishna, Chairman and Founder of TISB, NAFL and NPS Educational Institutions were the Guests of Honour. Close to seven hundred students from grade 1 to grade 12 took part in this mega sporting bonanza. The programme started off with a Guard of Honour which was inspected by Ms Silvie Jose, who also received the General Salute of the march past of the students of grades 10, 11 and 12, marching in the four house contingents. The marching rhythm and beat was provided by the smartly attired band troop consisting of students of grades 7 and 8 who rendered the air with some lively, rhythmic tunes. They also displayed their expertise through a number of formations. The march past was followed by some vibrant and colourful displays put up by the students of grades 1 to 5. The Flashy Flaunt, a drill with colourful pom poms by the grade 1 and 2 students, Chromatic Array, a butterfly dance by the girls of Grades 3, 4 and 5 left the audience tapping their feet in enjoyment. The boys of Grades 3, 4 and 5 displayed their control and concentration through a mesmerising martial arts display while the girls of grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 demonstrated their agility and fitness with an energetic aerobics display. The finale of the shows was the Torch Drill performed by the boys of grade 6, 7, 8 and 9. It was a magnificently synchronised display which illuminated the entire ground. The displays were interspersed with some thrilling track events like the 100 m sprint and relays which had the students rooting loud for their Houses. It was heartening to see the team spirit as they cheered their House members to the finishing line. Sports achievers who have brought laurels to the school at National and International level tournaments were felicitated by the Guest of Honour. The sports champions of school sporting events in three categories were also honoured. The curtains came down on this splendid event with some melodious renditions by the outgoing batch of 2016-17- The grade 12 choir which left everyone spell bound. The Chairman, Dr Gopalkrishna, in his address, stressed on the importance of the students of NPS becoming global citizens and effecting a change in the global scenario. The Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah reiterated the importance the school lays on building confidence in the students through such events where every single child is given a platform to display his or her talent and skill. Every child is also given a role to play in the smooth conduct of the programme so that a sense of responsibility followed by a sense of accomplishment is developed in the children. It was indeed a presentation of synchrony and co ordination and clockwork precision as the students show cased their talent and skill in this first Sports meet of the school, supporting the tagline, 'Win as One'.

Kannada Rajyotsava

Students of NPSI, Mysore celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava with great zeal and put up a fantastic assembly programme. The entire school wore a rich look with the colours of yellow and red everywhere. The event generated a sense of pride in the minds of the audience for being a part of a culture that is so rich and vibrant. Students presented 2 beautiful songs that captured the spirit of the day. Karnatakada ithihaasadali, bangarada yugada katheyannu haaduve keli, naa haaduve keli. Students enthralled the audience by dancing to the tunes of popular Kannada songs. A speech on Karnataka made students sit up and think about the history and achievements of people from the State. To conclude, the message was loud and clear- Ellaadaru iru, enthaadaru iru, Nee endendigu kannada vaagiru.

Children's Day Celebration

November 14, Children’s Day at NPSI Mysore, was a day totally dedicated to the children. The children were greeted with an archway of blue and pink balloons at the entrance as they stepped out of their buses with an anticipation of an exciting day ahead of them. Once in their classes, they were showered with a plethora of wishes from all the members of the school. The students were in for a treat in the form of enjoyable games organised by their teachers, with great care and love. The games set the mood for the day which promised enjoyment and excitement. The students of Grades 10, 11 and 12 had a ‘cooking without fire’ competition which literally looked like a ‘Master Chef’ episode, what with colour co-ordinated aprons with their names embroidered on them! The students then gathered all around the school lawn in layers as the entire school, from the Montessori and Kindergarten tiny tots to the young adults of Grade 11 and 12 were seen on all the floors and the staircases of the school, mesmerised by the songs their teachers presented to them. The Birthday children of the school were in for a pleasant surprise when the teachers sang a Birthday song for them, joined by the entire school. It was then time for the ‘eats’- Chocolate donuts from the faculty of the school for their beloved children! As the children were playing around in the ground after their lunch, they were taken aback to suddenly see their teachers break into a ‘flash mob’. Their joy knew no bounds as all the children joined in, shaking a leg in pure ecstasy to some very popular numbers. The day finally came to an end and the children were seen reluctantly returning home after a fun filled, exhausting time at school.


The Sanskrit day was celebrated at NPSI Mysore with great grandeur on Friday 4 November 2016. The participants were decked in their fineries for the programme. The theme for the day was 'The great epic Mahabharata'. Keeping with tradition, the programme began with Vedic chanting along with lamp lighting by The Principal Ms. Shubha Achaiah. The programme started off with a speech by the teachers on the importance of Sanskrit and Science and Technology in Sanskrit. The students too gave an insight into the scientific aspect of the activation of the right brain during gestation. He related it to the story behind Abhimanyu's knowledge of the Chakravyuha in the Mahabharata. A video on quotes from Bhagavad-Gita was displayed to the students. A presentation on Science in Mahabharata was presented. Students projected various surgical tools of the yester years that were used by Sushrutha. A dance drama was beautifully executed by students. The Sanskrit rendition and the dance drama were very well choreographed. The entire programme brought out the beauty of Sanskrit for all to cherish.

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