Captains' Day

26 March 2018 was celebrated as Captains’ Day. On this day all the bus drivers and helpers were felicitated for their hard work and commendable commitment. They were all presented with goodie bags and sweet boxes as a token of love and gratitude. The students were reminded that the drivers and akkas were the ones that took us to and fro school safely, dealt with our tantrums in the buses and ensured that they are unfailingly punctual everyday in order to drop us to school in time, and for this, they deserved our heartfelt gratefulness. Our principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah, addressed the drivers and akkas and thanked them for their ever-satisfactory services, and coined the term “Captain”, that was to be used henceforth to address the drivers as it truly did justice to the splendid and tremendously important job they carry out every day. The students and teaching fraternity also thanked the captains for taking them safely to fests, excursions and workshops. This day was dedicated towards recognizing and thanking the efforts of the bus captains and akkas.

Support Staff Day

28 March 2018 was celebrated as support staff day. This day was dedicated to all the akkas and bhaiyas in the school. Our support staff play an important role and work tirelessly to make each day be it class assemblies to mega events or festive celebrations to a regular working day, a success. On this day, the students of grade 12 put up a beautiful and heartwarming programme. The programme started on a melodious note with students singing a melody of old classics which was followed by a mellifluous flute performance. The girls of grade 12 then danced to foot tapping Hindi numbers. Ms Shubha Achaiah addressed the support staff with kind and supportive words. The support staff was presented with goodie bags which were put together with the help of the entire student community and teacher fraternity. Students right from grade 1 up to grade 12, each contributed items to the goodie bags, and they were packed and carried meticulously by the senior students. The support staff was served home cooked meals by the teachers. This day was spent in making the students realize the importance of the support staff, who are not ordinarily in the limelight but play an extremely important role in our everyday lives. Students often forget to wish the support staff or acknowledge their presence, but through this event, were made to realize that the support staff warrants equal amount of respect too. Weeks of planning, preparation and brainstorming had led to the success of this event. In all, this day was meant to extend a heartfelt gratitude to all our support staff for everything they do.

ANOKHA - 2018

23 March,2018 will always bring back sweet memories to the teachers, parents and students of NPS International Mysore. They witnessed an extravaganza called 'Anokha' where the students of the pre-primary group from the Kindergarten and Montessori graduated proudly to the next phase of their schooling years.

The event started at 5 PM on Friday evening. The Masters of Ceremony, students from primary classes, welcomed the parents,grandparents, family and friends to the show which started off with a bang.There was a dance bonanza in store-a visual treat comprising of various dance forms from around the world, performed beautifully by our tiny tots of KG and Montessori. The dance forms were Ballroom, Zumba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Paso Doble, Hawaiian, Ballerina, Hip-hop and Disco. It was indeed a pleasure for the audience to watch the children perform so confidently as they swayed to the catchy tunes! The fantastic four student anchors stole the show with their narrations about the dance forms. Their perfect anchoring and oratory skills left the audience spellbound.

Thereafter, the graduation ceremony for the KG-2 and Montessori Senior students commenced. The graduates in their royal blue gown and caps with their dazzling gold tassels were a sight to behold. They walked on to the stage with panache to receive their mementos. As each student was presented with a memento, their dreams and aspirations regarding their future careers were expressed to the audience. The honest, humorous views and unabridged versions of what each child wanted to be in life captured the true spirit of childhood. The cheerful applause from friends and family encouraged these children. It was fun to watch them swaying and singing with the rhythm as the graduates rendered three beautiful songs expressing their emotions and gratitude for all their learning at school. The songs were interspersed with beautiful actions Two speakers each from the graduating batch representing the KG and Montessori groups, spoke out boldly and descriptively of their early learning years. They thanked our Principal, teachers and support staff for always being patient with them and shaping their future. They were all so excited to move on to grade 1! The graduates displayed over the roof energy levels by applauding for every single one of their fellow graduates and this appreciation reflected in their broad smiles and loud claps.

Our Principal, Ms. Shubha Achaiah spoke to the proud parents and grandparents in the audience. She wished each graduating child the very best for their forthcoming journey. She appreciated the involvement and commitment of parent partners and advised them to take a step back and allow their children to be independent. She called on stage all the teachers of the pre-primary group and appreciated them for the immensely crucial role they play in laying a foundation for learning and shaping a child's mind. The auditorium echoed with applause for them, and this group of teachers truly deserve it! The volunteers were also thanked for taking so much effort to make sure that the programme was crafted to perfection. 'Anokha' which translates to 'unique' definitely stayed true to its word! It was a one of a kind performance with dances, songs, speeches and prizes all blended into one plethora of events.

It was,without doubt,a day to cherish as it signified a new beginning in the learning process of every graduating student.


'ABRACADABRA' an event showcasing the presentation skills of Kindergarten and Montessori children of NPS International Mysore was held on 23 February 2018 at the school campus. The theme chosen was 'Continents of the World' and the early learners spoke about Europe, Australia, Africa, North America and Asia. The students highlighted about the history, culture, important monuments, language spoken, sports, cuisines, lifestyle, wildlife and physical features of these continents.

The event was inaugurated by the Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah. Dr Bindu Hari, Director TISB, Vice chairperson NAFL and NPS Group of Institutions graced the occasion. The blooming buds were supremely confident in their presentation and oratory skills. Parents attended the event in large numbers to encourage their children.

Dr Bindu addressed the gathering and inspired the parents to cultivate life skills in their wards. She further added that it is important for today’s children to learn to accept failures and face disappointments. This would help children become more confident and better prepared to face life situations.

Ms Shubha spoke on the occasion and stressed upon applauding enthusiastically for these young children to boost their confidence. She also mentioned that each child is unique and comparison in any form would only lower the morale of the child. She complimented the Kindergarten and Montessori teachers for their efforts in building the personality of children and helping them blossom beautifully. The event received whole-hearted appreciation from all quarters, especially from parents.


Every year NPSI Mysore follows a tradition of recognizing and felicitating all students who have made a mark for themselves in academics, extracurricular activities and sports in the ceremony Accoladay. This year it was held on 26 January 2018 for classes I to V and on 9 February 2018 for classes VI to XII. Each victorious child received certificates, medals and awards that they will treasure for a lifetime.

The prizes for young learners from classes I to V were given away by the class representatives of the Primary Sections - Ms. Sajini and Ms. Pooja. Various competitions like origami, debate, music, dance, science quiz, math quiz, t- shirt painting, word pyramid, painting without brush, sand sculpture and clay modelling were held throughout the year. The students participated in large numbers and won many accolades. The winners received huge rounds of applause from the audience and walked away with their coveted prizes with joy and excitement.

Dr.Bindu Hari, CEO, NPS Group of Institutions presided as the guest of honour on 9 February. The self esteem of the students belonging to the senior secondary batch has grown by leaps and bounds in the year gone by, owing to their participation in various inter-house competitions held by literary, science, social science, dramatics, commerce, mathematics, art , cyber, music and dance associations. Many children emerged winners in sports, academics and inter house competitions. It was a proud moment for students of classes X, XI and XII as they received their certificates, medals and awards from Dr. Bindu and our Principal. Ms.Shubha Achaiah. The prizes for classes VI to IX were given away by Ms.Nandini Pai, Ms. Leena B, Ms. Sangeetha B S and Ms. Preetha Nair -co-ordinators and class representatives.

A special mention was made about the students who had won the maximum number of accolades from each class. The batch toppers, stream toppers and subject toppers of class XII were felicitated. Gaurav Achaiah of class XII, the school prefect, won the ‘Best Outgoing Student’ award. The Best House trophy was bagged by the 'Challengers'.

Dr. Bindu and Ms. Shubha who spoke on the occasion stressed on the importance of participation in activities and events, emphasizing its role in all round personality development. Dr. Bindu called upon the students to experience the 'joy of anticipation’ expressed that it was important to keep an open mind that was ever willing to learn and. Ms. Shubha inspired the students to uphold the values of humility and gratitude. She congratulated the students who were not winners, calling them the true motivators behind their peers' success.

The programme was interspersed with catchy dance numbers from students of Class III and Class VI. Accoladay 2018 was yet another day that witnessed celebration of winners and motivation amongst all to progress towards excellence with each passing year.

The Kids2Day International Book Fair 2018

At NPS International Mysore we believe that 'Reading is the best form of educating ourselves and there are no limits or boundaries to what we can learn and become.'

The International Book Fair for the year 2018 was organized at NPS International Mysore from 1st - 3rd of February. KIDS2DAY, the book vendor displayed more than five thousand books on different categories like The Young and Teen readers, Teen Fiction, Popular characters, Sports Biographies, Mythological collection, Craft and Art activity books, Origami, Cookery, Parenting and many reference books. Parents and Children were elated with the enormous collection of books. Parents actively participated in buying books for their young and their teen readers which convinced us that reading is definitely a habit among everyone. Teachers also participated enthusiastically in browsing the collection and choosing books for themselves and recommending books to the library. Delighted parents shared their motivating feedback which encouraged us to plan more activities in the coming days.

Student Expression:

On 1 February a book fair was organized by Kid2day International Book fair in NPSI, Mysore. The fair went on from 1 February to 3 February 2018. All students from classes 1 to 11 visited the fair. 3rd was holiday as it was a Saturday, so children came with their parents to buy books. The books in the collection were really interesting. All the books were arranged category wise.

They gave a book mark for any book that we bought. There were many types of books: sports, encyclopedia, activity books, books for girls and boys, books for young children and for radiant readers, books about movies, guides about the movie characters and any kind of book one could think of.

In all the book fairs that have come to our school this one was the best. I am very sure that anyone in the school who has browsed through these books would say so too.

Eshaan, Class 5B

Sanskrit Day

Sanskrit Diwas is celebrated to mark the importance of Sanskrit language, the first among the ancient languages spoken in India. Sanskrit Diwas is also known as Sanskrit Day. Sanskrit Day was first observed in the year 1969.

Every year this day is celebrated in NPSI Mysore to commemorate the mother of all languages. The program began with the melodious chanting of hymns in Sanskrit along with the lighting of lamp. This was followed by a speech which explained the four Vedas and their importance. After the speech, a video was shown on the scientific discoveries during the vedic age. This totally captivated the audience. A student from class IX spoke about the Upanishads which gives knowledge of self or absolute truth which eliminates one's ignorance about one's own self. The speech was also about 'karma', which literally means action. 'Karma' determines the condition of next birth. It says that rebirth can be avoided by attaining Moksha. The young students enthralled the audience through a beautiful dance drama which depicted a conversation between father Maharshi Aruni and son Shwetaketu, highlighting spiritual knowledge.

Graduation Day

Graduation day is always a day of rejoicing as it gives a sense of achievement and a sense of responsibility towards fulfilling further commitments. On 29 January 2018, the third batch of senior secondary at NPSI, Mysore, witnessed the Graduation Ceremony. The evening saw the school drenched in many hues as the senior secondary students came in their formal wear- Young men in suits and young women in sarees. Proud parents walked in to witness the evening's programme in the school.

Mr D Randeep, IAS, Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate of Mysore, who is also a proud alumni of NPS, was the Guest of Honour for the evening. In his speech he emphasized the importance of being punctual and urged the students to set realistic goals and work hard to achieve those goals.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. K P Gopalkrishna, Chairman and founder Principal, NPS group of institutions, encouraged the students to take up the profession of teaching and emphasized on the importance of tireless striving to be the best in whatever field one chooses.

Mr. Harikrishna, CEO of NPS Group of Institutions shared some important life lessons with the students which will guide them throughout their life.

The Principal Ms Shubha Achaiah in her address advised the students to bring their own sunshine and put in their best in whatever they did. She proudly declared them graduands.

The scintillating lamp ceremony along with the Gurupaduka Sthothra concluded the graduation programme. It was indeed a day filled with celebration.

Martyr's Day

India celebrates Martyr's Day or Shaheed Diwas every year on January 30. The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was shot by Nathuram Godse in the Birla house during his evening prayers. The day is chosen to honour our brave martyrs who laid their lives for the country.

NPSI Mysore celebrated Martyr's Day on 31 January 2018 with the true spirit paying tribute to the great leaders who sacrificed their lives for our nation. To mark this day students of class VII started the programme with a patriotic song to depict their sacrifice, bravery and love for the nation. This was followed by a group dance after which they spoke about several great freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar etc., who courageously fought for the Indian independence. The highlight of the programme was a classical dance, performed on the song 'mere watan ke logo', which was mesmerizing and spread the fragrance of patriotism.

The programme ended with an informative speech given by one of the faculty members on the importance of this day which kindled the spark of patriotism among the audience.

Republic Day Celebration

Freedom in their mind and faith in their words; pride in their hearts and memories in their souls - these were the feelings of the students of NPSI Mysore as they walked into the portals of their school on 26 January 2018. On this day, the 69th Republic Day, they saluted and rejoiced the glory of India and its freedom fighters. The programme began with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Principal Ms Shubha Achaiah, the Physical Education teachers and the student leaders. This was followed by singing of the National Anthem. The students of class VI rendered melodious songs spreading the fragrance of patriotism. One of the faculty members from the Science department gave an informative and insightful speech on this auspicious occasion. The programme ended with an appeal to look within ourselves and live up to the expectations of our constitution.


Teacher appreciation week was observed at NPSI Mysore from Tuesday, 16 January 2018 to Saturday, 20 January 2018.It was an amazing week with the teachers decked up in different attires and accessories giving a grand look.The students were instructed not to bring expensive gifts;appreciations could be in the form of letters, handmade cards or emails. The walls of the school building were decorated with quotes on teachers. Student volunteers from class XI did a fantastic job of collecting appreciation cards from various classes and dropping them in the pouches of the 'Soaking in Adulation' board. Every day of the week started with a photo session with different venues for each day. A week full with excitement, joy and fun went off in a blink of an eye. Students poured in their appreciations and it was a great pleasure to see the efforts taken by students to make their teachers feel special.

A special gratitude to the Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah and Ms Nandini Pai for guiding us,supporting us and showing us the right path to plan Teacher Appreciation Week - 2018.

'To teach is to touch lives forever. PROUD TO BE A TEACHER.'

Inculcating Social Responsibility and Service

The commerce students of class XI and XII of NPS International Mysore visited the Little Sisters of The Poor, an old age home on 21 December 2017.It was an opportunity for our young learners to contribute for a social cause and bring a smile on the faces of the less privileged senior citizens of the society.

Every year NPSI Mysore conducts its Young Entrepreneurship Programme,nurturing budding entrepreneurial talent, where students make and sell products.The profits made from these sale proceeds are given away to charitable institutions,thus enabling young minds to inculcate the humanitarian values of social responsibility and service to mankind. This year too, the contribution from the school included a cheque and a carton of basic essentials for the inmates of the Home.

'Little Sisters Of the Poor' is one such charitable organization in Mysore that has been caring for senior citizens and helping them spend their twilight years peacefully.It was indeed gratifying to see our teenage students mingle with the older generation, singing and dancing with them, and spreading good cheer as they wished them a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.

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