Splish Splashing their way into the Pool!
Swimming is a refreshing activity that burns a lots of calories and builds muscular strength. Apart from being a fun activity, swimming is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy and make friends. It was joyful to see our pre-primary students getting into the baby pool .They were excited to wear their swim suit, caps and goggles. The students were in the best of their behavior as they got into the pool one by one eager to splash water on each other. It was a fun filled day for our pre-primary students as they tried swimming and wading their way in the baby pool and tried to learn the swimming techniques under the able guidance of our PE teacher.

Veggie Nomenclature
Children of class I were asked to bring their favourite vegetable and speak 4-5 sentences about the same in Hindi. They were encouraged to come in front of the class and hold the vegetable in their hands while speaking. They spoke about the importance of eating fresh vegetables. This activity helped to enhance the speaking and vocabulary skills of the young learners as they learnt the names of different vegetables in our National language. They also got to know more about the nutritional value of each vegetable.

Place Value Activity
Abacus, a simple calculating tool with colourful beads was used for a math activity to reinforce the concepts of place value through the child's sense of touch for class I. They understood that 10 ones is 1 ten, 10 tens is 1 hundred etc. using abacus. They practiced how to represent the given numbers on the abacus. They showed the numbers asked by the teacher on the abacus. They also represented the numbers using place value cups and beads. Students found this activity as exciting and fun. This activity helped them to depict various numbers on the abacus and helped to clarify their concepts of hundreds, tens and ones.

Star Activity
Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are… there goes the famous poem by Jane Taylor.

This poem gave a platform for the students to take part in an interesting activity. The students were provided with a star shaped paper and were asked to write their star quality. They were ever thrilled to write about their special quality that made them shine like a star, and came up with different qualities like, ‘I am a great dancer’, ‘I am a good swimmer’, ‘I am an artist’ etc. They also decorated their star with vibrant colours, and were also extremely delighted to speak about their star quality.

The activity helped the students to identify their strengths and talents. It also helped in building self confidence. It was indeed a fun activity!

World Environment Day
World Environment Day is observed on the fifth of June every year. Various environmental issues and their preventive measures were discussed through a talk to create awareness among the growing learners during the assembly.

On this Eco day, the children of class I planted seeds of coriander, fenugreek and ragi in the kitchen garden of the school as a drive towards creating green surroundings.

Students of class II were asked to bring a cleaned coconut half-shell in which they filled garden soil from the kitchen garden. They sowed coriander and fenugreek seeds in it. They watered it every day until the seed germinated and took the same home after a week.

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