Field Trips

A Field Trip to 'Mas Furniture'
The students of Class IV visited 'Mass Furniture' for their field trip, on 1 February, 2019. The young learners started their journey at 10 am with a lot of excitement and curiosity, and reached their destination in no time. Upon arrival, the host, Ms. Alifia extended a warm welcome and explained to the students about how furniture is made. She took the students around the mechanized industry to help them understand the labour put in to produce each elegant piece of furniture. The students were taken to the decor room where all the finished products were displayed and arranged systematically. The value of labour was highlighted as the furniture which was produced, with lots of effort and dedication, indeed needs to be cherished and taken care of.

The students were pleasantly surprised when a souvenir was presented to each one of them. There was happiness writ large on their faces. The field trip was indeed an interesting, informative and an enlightening one.

A Visit to the Post Office
- The KG II and the Montessori Senior were taken on a field trip to the Post Office. They had a learning opportunity by visiting the nearby local post office. They were excited through out their journey in the bus and were eagerly waiting to reach. The children were excited to see how letters were stamped, sorted and put into different pigeon holes as per the area they had to be delivered to. They were taken around to see various counters catering to the public. It was a wonderful learning experience for them to see how a post office functions as nowadays this means of communication is rarely used by our society.

The children saw a letter box where they posted their post cards in it. They were happy to meet the postman and asked him many questions like how will the post cards be taken to the different postal addresses etc. They were told about the importance of writing the pin code of the specific area and various denomination of the stamps. They also learnt the different means of sending the letters and the parcels, like bus, train and aero plane. Having learnt about the postal department, they were interested to write letters to their friends and visit the post office again to post their letters in the letter box.

The trip was informative, educative and was a great learning about the post office in today’s time of e-mails, text messages, social medias etc. This trip left a lasting impression on the young minds of the KG II and Montessori senior children.

A Visit to the Farm
We might think we are nurturing the garden, but of course, it's our garden that is really nurturing us. Experiencing village life and seeing a farm with animals is a wonderful exposure. Our field trip to the Kalpavruksha farm was a great learning experience for our students of Montessori Juniors and KG I.

Food sustains the life of a being. These young minds are easily impressionable and watching the hard work and effort that goes into planting and nurturing fruits and vegetables as well as raising and caring for livestock made an impact on our little learners. Feeding and watering, cleaning and grooming are daily tasks which they saw a farmer do, during their brief visit to the farm. Farming, teaches students, the importance of being responsible and caring. These values can transfer to other areas of a child's life including classroom activity and social interaction with others.

As they visited the farm in the perfect season, students were able to see buds, flowers and fruits in the tree which made them understand how fruits grow. They saw trees like chikoo, pomegranate, mango, guava, breadfruit, avocado, coconut and coco. This exposure helped them to connect with trees they see in their daily lives. It will also serve as a foundation for their studies about plants in the future.

When they saw a calf with the cow, they were curious to touch and feel them. Our gracious host had made arrangements for our students to witness the milking of cow. They were fascinated by all they saw and had a good time at the farm. This field trip to farm not only was a joyous time spent with friends but it also enhanced their appreciation towards plants and animals at large.

Oxygen Acres - Human’s Most Exquisite Hand
The students of class V had an opportunity to learn outside the classroom, at a serene vicinity, a paradise for cattle- Oxygen Acres. Oxygen Acres is a place untouched by urbanization, sky rising apartments and gadgets. The students visited the place on Monday, December 17, 2018 and learnt Eco friendly methods of cattle rearing and farming. They were split into two groups and were taken to different sections of the farm. The students were enlightened about the modern technology used in dairy farm.

At the farm, Mr Jaidev and Mr Raju explained about the types of grasses grown to feed the cows as fodder, the procedure followed in milking cows and distribution to customers. They also explained about the Gobar Gas chamber and its usage in the farm.

It was a day spent well, productive to the learners as they learnt how to unwind and experience the simplicity of leading a healthy lifestyle by keeping things simply natural.

A December to Remember
A Christmas workshop was organized exclusively for students of NPSI International, Mysore on Saturday December 15, 2018. The workshop was conducted by Beyond Taalas in association with Forum City Center. The workshop aimed at inculcating learning and innovative thinking, through fun filled sessions.

A variety of activities had been arranged there, ranging from pottery, cooking without fire, art and craft, face painting, paint the town red, experiments with science and party dance.

Students were mesmerized witnessing the arena which was beautifully decorated with embellishments. The humongous Christmas tree was an icing on the cake.

The 'cooking without fire' activity was fun filled where the students enjoyed decorating their cupcakes with coloured creams, rainbow sprinkles and chocochips. The 'art and craft' arena included a variety of theme based card making activities which created an excitement among the students. The students thoroughly enjoyed the pottery activities which included making of pots and other artifacts.

The face painting activity stole every child’s attention. Students waited in a long queue eagerly looking forward for their faces to be painted with skulls, anchors, butterflies and many other interesting designs.

The students and the teachers celebrated the spirit of festive fiesta dancing to the tunes of the Zumba instructor. For the students it was a day with fun filled memories encompassing a variety of activities and learming beyond the walls.

A Tour to Planet Earth
On December 19 2018, the students of Class 1 arrived at school looking vivid, curious and excited about their field trip. As they hopped onto the bus and departed from school, they kept playing the guessing game as to where they were going. It was a surprise in store for them.

As they reached the gates of the Planet Earth Aquarium, they shouted out loud with excitement. They happily walked into through aquarium, watching a wide variety of fishes. They were curious to learn more about the different types and spices of fishes.

The students also got an opportunity to see a wide range of fresh vegetable plants and fine fruit trees. The place also had a collection of few rare animals. The students asked many questions and clarified all their doubts.

Finally, the students posed for a snap and headed towards school, fascinated by the place. On the way back, they kept talking about this exciting trip and the exotic spices of fish and animals that they saw.


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