Carol Singing
The Carmel Catholic Association ushered the 26th Carol Singing Competition on Sunday, 9 December 2018 with the spirit of Christmas. The competition was held in 12 categories of different age groups in the premises of Teresian College, Mysore. The programme mesmerised and enthralled the audience and the judges alike with their melody.

The choir group from NPSI, Mysore also took part in this competition. It was a great opportunity to bring out the hidden talent and enhance the confidence of the students. The melodious voices touched the hearts of each listener who was present in the auditorium. The students raised the standard of the competition with their attire and lyrics. The little stars showcased the mastery over rhythm, pitch and tone. The Primary group bagged the First prize for their mellifluous carol and the Pre- primary group was declared runners-up.

Katha Workshop
' An organization consisting of a group of dedicated professionals, KATHA, who want to encourage, train and hone writing skills among children, elicited participation from school students all over India. The first round consisted of participants from the school initially writing a story of their choice within a prescribed length in a span of one hour. The stories were screened for quality by a few facilitators at school. The shortlisted stories were sent online to the prescribed website.

The Regional workshop was conducted at PSBBM Chennai, on 12-13 October 2018. Five participants attended the workshop and one child attended the West Zone Workshop held at Pune.

The children who registered were grouped according to age. Each group had an exclusive mentor. After several ice-breaker activities, the children could mingle better. The mentors then guided the participants on how to write an interesting story. One group was shown videos and asked to write descriptions of characters portrayed. They had to concentrate on detailed descriptions to bring the character alive. They were also guided on how to create protagonists and antagonists based on words used. Another group was given props and asked to build stories with different events in the narration. Each child had to contribute to the story, using the lines of the previous child as a prelude.

With inputs from their mentors, the students improved their stories or wrote a new one. These stories were evaluated and the finalists for the Workshop at Delhi were declared. All students of our school who attended the regional workshop were shortlisted for the National workshop that was held at Delhi between 26- 28 December 2019.Four students of NPSI Mysore, Aditya Sashi of Class VI C, Sangay Nathan of class VI A, Janhavi T G of class VII B and Ved Kushalappa of class IXA attended the National workshop.

At Delhi, famous literary personalities attended the workshop. The participants were divided into various groups based on age. Each group was mentored on different aspects of writing such as poetry and short story. The senior children had a session with Haiku poetess Kala Ramesh, who introduced them to the haiku and the tanka, two forms of Japanese poetry, each with their own styles and rubrics. Other mentors were eminent personalities from the literary field, such as noted writer and editor Anurag Garg, Director and painter Gunjan Gupta, writer and theatre person Lavanya Prasad, Actor and educator Aseem Asha Usma and many more. All participants were awarded certificates.

In all , this workshop was a great learning platform for our students and was instrumental in instilling the love for stories in them !

International French Spell Bee
Frehindi Education Pvt Ltd, an association which promotes French language in India, organized the International French Spell Bee competition. This is one of the most prestigious competitions for many school students learning French. The event was conducted in two rounds. The first round was conducted at NPSI, Mysore and the second round, at Delhi. Eshaan K. Kattepur of class 6 won the first round in the elementary level and qualified for the second round which was held at Delhi. He memorized the correct spellings and learnt the meaning of each word given in the vocabulary list. In his words "There were many participants at the competition from different countries. It was an enriching experience and I am glad that I reached such a high level. It was an honour to meet the President of Frehindi Association, Mr Haru Mehra. I learnt a lot about the activities of the association and met different members of the French Embassy. I look forward to participate again, next time".


On 27 and 28 July an Interschool Parliamentary Debate was orchestrated By NPS Indiranagar and two teams comprising of three gifted orators each got together to win laurels for the schools. The competition was fierce. The crew was also thrilled to have top notch adjudicators from premier institutions of India such as NLS University, Bangalore to judge each of their performances and provide a most valuable feedback.

The alumni and graduates of the latter institution also presented a Demo Debate to give the competitors a clear cut image of the various approach strategies that they could incorporate into their work. The participants were put through three gruelling rigorous , thought provoking rounds with a spread of interesting motions such as , ' This house will allow an unelected panel of experts to frame environmental policies' and 'This house requires that the majority of the players in the IPL team should represent the state they belong to' . It was a delight to hear that our school had surpassed many schools and got through two rounds.

The challenging competition drew to a close on a high note for the participants as it proved to be an event that taught them the intricacies of debating with a dash of healthy competition and a pinch of fun.

The students of classes XI and XII of NPSI Mysore were packed with enthusiasm and energy as they were on their way to BharathiyaVidya Bhavan for the CONQuiz, a quiz that questions your grasp on general knowledge and current affairs. After rigorous written tests for the preliminary round, it was an august moment when they announced that four teams from NPSI Mysore had been selected for the Finals. Our students created quite a niche when they won 2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th places in the quiz and felt ecstatic about their success.


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