Captains' Day and Support Staff Day

"Helping others, without expecting anything in return is what true self-worth is all about"

The Captains' and Support Staff Day was celebrated on 20 March 2019 at NPSI, Mysore, in honour of all the drivers, helpers, Akkas and Bhaiyas in the school. They all were felicitated individually for working tirelessly. They were presented with goodie bags that were a compilation of articles contributed by all students from classes I to XII. Our Principal Ms. Shubha Achaiah, highlighted the sincere efforts of the drivers, fondly called "Captains" and helpers for the monumentally significant job they carry out every day without lapses. She rendered her heartfelt appreciation for their flawless service which ensures that the students are unfailingly punctual.

The celebration of the Support Staff Day took us to another level in the auditorium. Each support staff member was presented with goodie bags, which were assimilated with the joint venture of entire student community and teacher fraternity. The contribution of the items to the goodie bags from classes I to XII were assorted and packed meticulously by the class XII students.

The enjoyment continued with a number of entertainment programmes lined up for the celebrities of the day. The students of class XII swept everyone off their feet with their melodious medley songs and electrifying dance performances. The comperes touched the hearts of the support staff with their dialogues and punch lines in multiple languages. Adding on, the colorful video presentation was humorous, yet thought provoking.

The day's celebration came to a conclusion with our Principal's address, where all the support staff were praised and thanked for their effort, sincerity and dedication towards the institution.

Parent Appreciation Week

To reiterate the fact that parents and teachers walk hand in hand in the development of young learners, Parent Appreciation Week was observed at NPSI Mysore between 11 March and 15 March 2019.

To start off this appreciation week, students were encouraged to adhere to a given schedule which included a series of activities to portray their unspoken love and affection to their parents. On the first day the students very creatively unlocked their potential to express their feelings for their parents through art. The Second day, they made creative cards for their parents. On the third and fourth day they were encouraged to entertain their parents and to help them with the house hold chores. And as a finale on the fifth day, the children had to plan a surprise for their parents.

These 5 days of the appreciation week enabled students to realize the effort of their parents. They felt grateful to have such a privileged childhood.

Teacher Appreciation Week

"A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected." This is true for everybody be it students or teachers. Teacher appreciation week was observed at NPSI Mysore from Monday, 21 January 2019 to Saturday, 25 January 2019. The students were instructed not to bring expensive gifts; appreciation could be in the form of handmade cards, letters and emails. Students and parents poured in their appreciation and it was a great pleasure to see the efforts taken by the students to make their teachers feel special. Student volunteers from senior classes did the fantastic job of collecting appreciation cards from various classes and dropping them in the pouches of the "Teachers Appreciation" board. The walls of the school building were decorated with quotes on teachers. It was an amazing week with the teachers decked up in different attires and accessories, giving a grand look. It was indeed a week full of joy, excitement and fun for Teachers.

Vogue Vista - 2019

23 March, 2019 was a special day for all the teachers, parents and students of NPS International Mysore, as the early learners were all set to take on the next phase in their learning journey. The graduation ceremony ‘Vogue Vista-2019’ was indeed unique as it was an amalgam of achievements, colours, grace and charm.

The show started with the graduation ceremony for the KG 2 and Montessori Senior students. The graduates clad in their royal blue gown and caps with their dazzling gold tassels were a sight to behold. They walked on to the stage with panache to receive their mementos. It was now time for swaying and singing with the rhythm as the graduates rendered three beautiful songs to the audience.

Two speakers each from the KG and Montessori group emerged from their ranks and spoke out confidently describing their early learning years. They made sure to thank the Principal, teachers and support staff for always being patient with them and shaping their future. The most awaited hour of the day was the ramp walk by the KG and the Montessori students who transported the audience into the world of colours, trends, confidence, attitude and charm. It was indeed a pleasure for the parents to watch their children walk the ramp with grace and they were certainly proud of the stunning trendsetters in style.

Later, the Principal Ms. Shubha Achaiah spoke to the proud parents in the audience. She appreciated the parents for being partners in facilitating the learning and growth process of each child. She also thanked all those who supported in making the event a stupendous success.

‘Vogue Vista- 2019 was truly a colourful flambouyant finale for the academic year showcasing the confidence of the early learners who are ready for their next challenge in their academic journey.


A spectacular class presentation, Abracadabra, was showcased by the adorable and charming young learners from pre primary on Saturday, 23 February, 2019. Children took parents through a magical expedition into the flora and fauna of the planet. The parents were spellbound with their speech, pronunciation, expression and knowledge of the various topics conveyed through quotes, props, videos and music. The event was held in the conference room and the audio visual room. The décor was colorful and vibrant depicting the themes of each class.

Children of KG II enthralled the audience by giving each and every detail of birds and insects through a presentation. They spoke in depth about the migration of birds and performed a role play to show the dispersal of seeds in the ecosystem. Children of KG I A spoke about plant life in detail. The children gave detailed information and facts on the important requirements for the growth of plant. The children of KG I B explained in detail about the water cycle. They sang a song with actions and conveyed a message that the environment is our best friend. It is now getting polluted and we have to protect and save it. The seniors of Montessori presented a mind blowing performance as they spoke about the architects of ecosystem, confidently mentioning how each animal contributes to maintain the ecological balance in nature. Montessori beginners put forth brilliant performance about different habitats of animals. The audience was mesmerized to see the tiny tots walk independently on to the stage and speaking with a lot of confidence. They urged the audience to follow the policy of 'live and let live'. Montessori juniors in their enthusiastic performance spoke about evolution of humans. They enlightened the audience not only on how the human race has evolved but also on how they are destroying our mother earth. They recited a poem which conveyed the message to save nature.

The presentation brought out the best in each child, it gave a lot of confidence and enhanced their oratory skills.

Gransday Grandeur

Grandparents occupy a special place in the hearts and minds of their grandchildren with their unending love, everlasting patience and unwavering commitment. Grandparents are the greatest treasure providing a strong foundation to a family.

As a tribute to these Timeless Titans, NPS International School, Mysore, celebrated its first ever Grandparents' Day, 'Gransday Grandeur' on March 1, 2019. It was a great day to appreciate and express love to the grandparents. There were around 450 grandparents, who very enthusiastically walked into the campus to witness the event. It was a day loaded with fun for them. They participated in different competitions like Vegetable Carving, Mehendi Art, Mask Making, Flower Arrangement and Hair Do.

The grandparents enjoyed a plethora of cultural programmes put up by the children of classes I, II and III. The classical dance at the onset of the programme set an aura of positivity. The Principal Ms Shubha Achaiah welcomed the gathering and also thanked the grandparents for gracing the occasion with their presence. The children sang songs expressing their love and gratitude. A skit was performed which took them back to their childhood days and brought a twinkle in their eyes and a smile on their lips. As singing and dancing always go hand in hand, the spritely western dances so well presented by the students filled the auditorium with a resounding applause.

After light refreshments, the grandparents were led to the sports ground for outdoor games. They participated in different games like the Slow Walking and Bombing the City. The day concluded with distribution of prizes to the winners of various competitions and sporting events by the Principal.


NPSites always stand out, be it scholastic, co scholastic or sporting activities. And what better way to appreciate and congratulate them than awarding them with mementos and certificates of appreciation! Keeping this in mind, Accoladay is organized every year to reward these achievers. This year it was held on 26 January 2019 for classes I to V and on 12 February 2019 for classes VI to XII. Each victorious child received certificates, medals and awards that they will treasure for a lifetime. Various competitions like origami, word battle, music, dance, quiz, shoe painting, word pyramid, painting without brush, sand sculpture, cupcake decoration and clay modelling were held throughout the year for young learners from classes I to V. The students participated in large numbers and won many accolades. The winners received huge rounds of applause from the audience and walked away with their coveted prizes with joy and excitement.

Accoladay 2018 - 19, on February 12 2019 was even more special than the previous years as we had parents of the students of classes VI to XII with us to celebrate the achievements of the young learners.

Inter-house competitions like MUN, Best manager, Tribal carnival- fashion show, Halloween costume designing, Jeopardy, Harry Potters treasure hunt, Codathon, sports and various other competitions in various areas develop students’ interpersonal skills so as to help them be confident and well-adjusted individuals in future. Accoladay 2018- 19 saw non-scholastic prizes for the 50 plus inter-house competitions for classes VI to XII giving plenty of opportunities for every child to shine in his chosen sphere.

Awards for academic proficiency for class XI and XII were also given away by the Principal.

Karthik Ganesh Prasad of class XII, who possesses qualities that are unparalleled and rare also an all round performer was declared The Best Outgoing Student of the year 2018-19. On this occasion our Principal, addressed the students speaking to them about how it is important to appreciate talent, balance work and play and how each of these have an important role to play in a student’s life.

’Challengers’ one of the four school houses, headed by V Pranav, Dyuthi Urs and Sarah Jackson won the overall champions trophy 2018 - 19.

It was indeed a day filled with joy, laughter and pride for students and teachers. Such appreciation and recognition undoubtedly motivates the students and provides the thrust for them to excel in academics as well as co-curricular activities, a strong foundation for total personality development!

Spin a Tale

Spinning a tale is not an easy task. This Endeavour, the brainchild of Dr Bindu Hari, aims at building up creativity and love for writing. It also works as an impetus for aspiring young writers and imbibes the love for reading, in every child.

NPS International, Mysore had organized an exhibition from January 30 to 02 February, 2019 to acknowledge the efforts of young learners, writers in making.

The teachers guided the students through the various stages of weaving story and encouraged them to pen down their imagination. Every student of class V put in their creative best and effort in spinning a tale of their own.

It was well appreciated by both students and parents. The activity was a great learning for the students as they learnt to imagine, write, rewrite and read.

Bookfair - 2019

Books are portable magic. The Book Fair at NPS International School, Mysore has always played a vital role in inculcating reading habit among students of all age groups.

This year the fair was held from 30 January and 3 February 2019. Kids2Day International Book Fair at NPSI, was inaugurated by Ms. Pooja Cariappa, Class Representative of the Primary group.

The exhibition showcased a range of books that spanned across all possible genres. From colourful comics to interesting books on science fiction, the fair had it all. Nothing short of a heaven for bibliophiles all over, the fair not only featured stalls by eminent publishing houses like Penguin Random House, Macmillan and Harper Collins, but displayed a wide variety of books related to cooking, sports, dance, music and philosophy. At the venue, one could not help but be in a dilemma to choose a book as one could see everything, from Agatha Christie to Enid Blyton adorning the book shelves. It was nothing short of a grand feast for the enthusiastic readers. The response was tremendous as many aspiring young readers including parents and faculty members were gorging on the plethora of volumes. The fair concluded on 3 February 2019.

For the first time, an exclusive corner in the book fair showcased creative stories written by the students of class V. Their imagination and expression received appreciation from all.

The aim was to encourage and inculcate a thirst for reading. All in all, the Book Fair was a stupendous success.

Republic Day

As India shines with glory today, NPS International, Mysore celebrated the 70th Republic Day on 26 January, 2019. The programme commenced with the hoisting of the National Flag by our Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah, Physical Education teachers and student leaders. This was followed by singing of the National Anthem.

The students of class III rendered melodious songs spreading patriotic fervour. The highlight of the programme was speeches delivered by the student speakers from Montessori and Kindergarten section. They were dressed as different freedom fighters and social reformers and spoke about their contribution to the nation. The confidence they radiated left the audience in awe.

A few faculty members gave informative and insightful speeches on this auspicious occasion. The programme concluded with distribution of accolades to the students of classes I to V and the Principal felicitating students who have achieved maximum number of accolades.

Martyrs' Day

NPS International, Mysore, observed Martyrs’ Day on 30 January, 2019, with the true spirit of patriotism, paying tribute to the great leaders who have sacrificed their lives for the nation. To mark this memorable day, a programme was put up by the students of class VII.

The programme commenced with the rendition of 'Vaishnava Janato' - a devotional song. This was followed by a group dance which added to the patriotic fervor.When the clock struck 11, the entire school observed two minutes' silence, as a mark of respect to all the martyrs, who have sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the nation.

One of the faculty members highlighted the importance of the day through her speech on martyrs, throwing light on the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi. The programme concluded with the melodious rendition of the heart-touching patriotic song 'Ai Mere Watan Ke Logon'.

Graduation Day

On 16 January 2019, the fourth batch of senior secondary students at NPS International, Mysore, witnessed the Graduation Ceremony. The evening saw the school drenched in myriad hues as the senior secondary students and their parents came in their formal attire to be a part of this solemn occasion.

Mr C S Ravishankar, Consultant Architect, was the esteemed Guest of Honour for the evening. In his speech he extolled upon the students to have 'blueprints' for their life's journey that included the principles of self-worth, determination to achieve excellence and values of humility, honesty and humanity.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. K P Gopalkrishna, Chairman and founder Principal, NPS group of institutions, encouraged students to be humane and encouraged students to take up professions in the field of teaching. He also emphasised on the importance of relentless pursuit of knowledge and stressed that students must think ways to give back something to the society.

Dr. Bindu Hari, Director, The International School Bangalore and Vice Chairperson, NAFL and NPS Group of Institutions, spoke about the vital role of mentors in an individual's life. Stressing on the importance of ethics and content of character, Dr Bindu told the students to always choose what is right, than what is easy.

Proudly declaring the students as graduands, Ms Shubha Achaiah, the Principal, wished them the very best encouraging them to learn from failures and keep surging ahead.

The parent partners, who spoke on the occasion, praised the school website, the systems and the discipline followed at NPSI emphasizing that all students feel happy coming to school everyday.

This day of celebration concluded with the candle procession and the auspicious rendition of Gurupaduka Stotram.

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