Dental and Eye Camp of the Year

Healthy smiles need good dental care, While perfect vision is priceless, it isn’t rare..

NPS International, Mysore stresses on the importance of dental and eye care of its students along with physical fitness. On 7 January, optometrists from Shushrutha Eye Care, Dr Chaitra and Dr Anita, set up the sophisticated equipments required for the eye check up, in the school premises. They examined the eyesight of students for common defects along with their vision accuracy..

A dental development and awareness camp was also held on the same day. Dr Anita Nitin, a senior doctor from Dental Concepts, supervised the entire proceedings. Dr Pragna and Sister Tara conducted the camp seamlessly and took the students through a routine dental checkup. The students were given sound advice based on their dental needs and suggestions regarding ways to improve their oral health..

The four-day camp made an impact on the students and imbibed in them the need for understanding the nuances of oral and eye care. It also helped them realize that regular health checkups can make a difference in overall well being.

Christmas - The Festival of Joy

Christmas is the festival of bliss, fun and excitement. It is an occasion for people to spread love, forgive, show gratitude and light up their lives with positivity.

The celebration fiesta started a few days before the Christmas Day at NPS International, Mysore. The school was adorned with balloons, chimes, bells and lanterns. Each classroom had a Christmas tree all decorated and beautiful. The Christmas tree, Crib and the décor at the entrance of the school premise were the centre of attraction.

The students of class 6, painted the school red with their 'Gift of Love' on the occasion of Christmas. The students spread joy through their carol songs and dance performance. They also extended a beautiful message of being kind and compassionate through their skit. The little ones from kindergarten and classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 rejoiced in the festival with their lively carols.

Christmas at NPS International was filled with joy, radiance, excitement and enthusiasm, conveying the message of peace, love and humanity.

E-Waste Awareness

On the 30th of November, 2018, the students of classes IX to XII of NPSI Mysore attended an interactive presentation on E-waste. Ms Shilpa and Ms Meera enlightened the students about one of the most critical problems that our world is facing now : E-Waste.

E-waste may sound simple but it has become one of the most hazardous problems contributing to most of the pollution prevalent in our world. We were all educated about how E-waste harms nature and the ecosystem. The E-waste generated by the whole world is generally shipped to countries like India and China, where labourers manually extract valuable metals like gold, silver and copper. Due to improper management and ignorance of these wastes, many lives are lost due to the toxic substances released. NPSI Mysore has always been futuristic and thoughtful about environmental protection and conservation. Through this programme, the students were educated on the proper treatment of effluents considering that our lives are intricately entwined with technology. The presentation was made even more interesting with few games, videos, music and dance that shed more light in aforementioned subject. Mr Arjun rocked the stage with his moves to a medley of innovative songs rendered by Ms Yogashree and Mr Smith. As the future global citizens of this automated world, it was a very educative session for all of us, and each one of us pledged to take measures for efficient disposal of E-Waste with the mantra "REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE".

Kannada Rajyotsava

Kannada Rajyotsava was celebrated at NPS International, Mysore on 29 November 2018, on a grand scale. Students studying Kannada from classes IX and X participated in the programme.

This year the students celebrated the literary work of T P Kailasam, the great playwright of Kannada literature. The programme started with a glowing tribute to this writer, who is also known as ‘Prahasana Pithamaha’. This was followed by a beautiful group song written by T P Kailasam.The students sang melodiously, and left the audience humming the tune for a long time. Students of class X enacted the play ‘Tollu Gatti’ also written by him. The play conveyed the message that, education alone is not sufficient to build character, it is also important to have good values. The highlight of the programme was the fashion show where students walked the ramp gracefully, clad in traditional costumes of the different regions of Karnataka. The programme showcased the rich culture of our state. The finale was a foot tapping dance presented by the class IX students choreographed to a famous Kannada number. Pictures in the backdrop enhanced the beauty of the programme. The vibrant variety of programmes in this celebration of Kannada Rajyotsava was thoroughly enjoyed by all present there.

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas was celebrated with great pomp and fervor this year at NPS International, Mysore. The students of classes VIII, IX and X presented an enthralling programme on the occasion.

The programme began with an invocation which mesmerized the audience. The skit put up by the students about Unity in diversity in our country brought out the essence of secularism. This was followed by a dance dhamaka, where students presented folk dances of different states for a medley of songs highlighting the rich culture of our country. Students danced gracefully and left the audience foot-tapping to the tune. Students of class VIII narrated a series of jokes to add some laughter and glee to the show which made the audience laugh out loudly. A faculty member spoke about the importance of Hindi as a National language and how Hindi is connected to other languages. A meaningful poem, was recited to the audience, to enlighten everyone on the importance of living a complete life and also enjoying every moment. Altogether it was a wonderful show put up by the students to enhance the pride for our National Language.

Scilore 2018

On 17 November, NPSI Mysore organized the second edition of the Science and Social Science fest, 'Scilore 2018', Experiments G'lore. It was certainly a remarkable day. A day to be remembered, not just by the students and teachers but also by all the parents and the guests of the event. The fest had students from classes I to XII, showcasing their talents and proficiency in their respective subjects. All the science models, experiments and the artistic display of the social sciences were the result of weeks of hard work put in by both students and the faculty members.

Starting with Flowers to House of Hues , from Ancient Egyptian Civilisations to Mission Control Mysore, this year students had a variety of interesting shows lined up for everyone's enjoyment.

In the junior section, students of classes I to V put up experiments and shows about the seas, the seasons and festivals, the dinosaurs, and many other interesting topics. It was a tumultuous journey which ended up enthralling the audience and taking their enthusiasm to zenith.

Classes VI to VIII showcased their knowledge in the area of History, Geography and Disaster Management. The visitors were transported to the era of Harappan civilisation and Mesopotamian civilisation.They were given a glimpse of the life and times of the Khilji and the Mughal dynasty…each classroom was a doorway leading to a different era, a different culture and different civilisation. The Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah rightly remarked, 'I never thought History could be so colourful, so enchanting and so enthralling.' The portrayal of the success of the Delhi Sultanate and the mindboggling show of the Battle of Panipat was unparalleled. The class VIII students enlightened us on different natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, landslides and floods and forewarned us about the endangered animals. They also explained all about the non conventional methods of saving energy that will help future generations. The globetrotters took the visitors around the world from France, England and Italy to Egypt.

The Physics department with the theme of Space and Light gave a glimpse of the new technologies and broadened the horizons of knowledge of the visitors and students alike. Technophilia, the computer world, had many interesting projects and games which left the audience asking for more. The Chemistry section was equally amazing with Chem Spec, Chem History and Chem Craft as the presentation topics for the day. In Mathematics students presented their Math skills through explanations and practical representations of various complex theories in mathematics in a much simpler way. Through simple projects and formulae, they demonstrated how Mathematics is used in our daily lives. The Biology section gave us an insight into the beautiful but complex human body. It also spanned the domains of ancient ayurveda and modern laser techniques in DNA.

The whole event helped students to delve deeper into their subjects as it awakened curious minds kindling a passion for learning. All in all Scilore 2018, Experiments G'lore, was a fantastic experience-a day full of learning and fun for everyone.

Yoga Workshop for Classes XI & XII

On 3 October, 2018, the students of classes 11 & 12 of NPS International, Mysore attended Yoga Workshop conducted by MsSharada and MrRaghavendra. The main aim of the one hour workshop was to raise awareness and ignite a passion for fitness and yoga among the students. The Yoga Workshop lasted for an hour. The session began with the instructors reiterating the importance of yoga and its profound impact on a student's life. Pranayama is one of the best ways to ease into the serene and peaceful world of yoga. The students were taught 'vrikshasana' which improved their concentration. 'Bhujangasana', butterfly stretches, 'dhanurasana', etc, helped them feel more flexible, relaxed and stress free. Next they did 'suryanamaskara' which enhances overall mental and physical health of an individual.

The session concluded with 'shavasana'. The students learnt that yoga enables us to live a healthy life. It is an age old technique that will help to test and push their limits at their own pace; rejuvenate and rediscover themselves in spite of their busy schedule. It also will help them to make time for their very own spiritual retreat.

Yoga Workshop for Classes IX & X

On 4 October 2018, the students of classes IX and X were provided with the opportunity to attend a yoga workshop in the school. Ms Shraddha, a yoga instructor, hosted the yoga session for the students. She explained the importance of yoga in maintaining a healthy balance of work in life. The students started with 'kapalbhati', a breathing technique. Then they practiced various yogasanas, including 'suryanamaskara'. At the end of the session, the students chanted a prayer to radiate positive vibes throughout the day. They thanked the yoga instructor. This session really inspired the young learners to make yoga and meditation a part of their daily routine.

Children’s Day Celebration

It was carnival time at NPS international Mysore, as children set foot into the school campus on 14 November, 2018. The children were mesmerized as they entered through the impressively decorated gateway and were welcomed with a lot of cheers by their teachers.

The early learners were treated to a show of joy and flamboyance as the teachers entertained them with a dance and educated them through the story of the cap seller and the monkeys. The little ones also had the opportunity to dance to their heart’s content. They later played a plethora of games outside in the fresh air. Their day was filled with fun and gratitude. All the students were enthralled by the performance of the teachers.

The seniors’ show included an ensemble of dances performed at the zenith of grace by the teachers. They sang songs expressing the cherished bond between a teacher and a student. The teachers performed a skit which filled the air with fun and laughter. The principal and teachers set the ramp on fire with their fashionable carnival attires.

All the students were also treated to a delicious platter of children's day treats including cupcakes, sandwiches and many more. It was a beautiful day with excitement and joy written large on children’s face.

Diwali Celebration

This year, Diwali was celebrated on 12 November 2018 at NPSI Mysore with a lot of festive enthusiasm and cheer. Right from the Rangoli design that adorned the front office to the Patiala salwars worn by the teachers, the school wore a festive look. The campus decorations, colourful rangoli and lamps set the mood for celebrations. A welcome speech was given by Ms Geetha. The tiny tots of Grade 3 put up a heartwarming show. The highlight of the celebrations was the enactment of the story of Narakasura which depicted the evil qualities he possessed and his end at the hands of his own mother Sathyabama. It was brilliant to see the little children perform with utter dedication to drive home the message- 'good always prevails over evil'. There was cheer all around as the students sang a collection of Diwali songs. They were at their best as they danced to the foot tapping numbers wishing Happy Diwali to everyone. There was a positive energy along with happy faces among the students which made the effort worthwhile.

French Day

This year the French Day celebrations at NPS International, Mysore depicted All Saints day as the theme. On this day the French visit the graves of their ancestors and offer flowers. Students from classes V to X participated enthusiastically in the programme.

The programme began with a French song sung melodiously by the music teacher who kept the audience enthralled and captivated. The French teacher narrated a witty story which portrayed the message that everyone must learn a foreign language.

Students presented a French song to a foot tapping beat and performed a skit highlighting the significance of La Toussaint or All Saints day.

The programme culminated with a fabulous rendition of 'La Tendresse'. The children enjoyed exhibiting their love for an international language.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas was celebrated in our school on 31 October 2018 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. In the morning during the assembly, Tanisha of class 9B spoke about the life and achievements of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, followed by a pledge taken by all the students and teachers. The pledge was led by Parinitha of class 9A. Students pledged to dedicate themselves to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation and resolved to make their own contribution to ensure internal security of the country.

Nadahabbha - Mysore Dasara

Dasara is the most spectacular Vijayadashami celebrations in India. Since our country is the land of multicultural and multilingual people; the festivals here are celebrated in various ways in different parts of the country. In Mysore, Dasara is also known as Nadahabbha, which is being celebrated for more than 400 years. The city honours Goddess Chamundeshwari on the victory over the demon king Mahishasura after a fierce battle. It has a long tradition of celebrating Dasara festival with grandeur and pomp to mark the festival. The significance of a grand celebration in Mysore is because it is believed that the name Mysore is derived from Mahishasura who was killed by Goddess Chamundeshwari. Before the gazetted holidays begin for Dasara, NPSI, Mysore witnessed Dasara celebrations in a special assembly. The students of class IX enthralled the audience with their performance. The programme started with invoking the blessings of Goddess Durga through a shloka. The students performed a dance on the sthotram 'Aigiri Nandini', in which the various forms of Goddess Durga were showcased. Ms Kavitha spoke extensively on how Dasara is celebrated in different states of the country.

The programme concluded with a graceful dance which was a fusion of Garbha and Dhandya. The main attraction was the Dasara dolls and figurines which were exhibited in the school premises as a part of the celebration. At the end of the day everyone seemed to be in a state of absolute bliss.

YEP 2018

Young Entrepreneurship Programme is an event organized by NPS International, Mysore, to nurture and encourage entrepreneurial skills in students. YEP 2018, symbolized 'Living with the Ribbon" and all profits made will be donated to Organizations supporting Breast Cancer patients.

Students from classes 8, 11 and 12 were the participants. This year the theme was 'A Glimpse of India.' Each group represented a state or Union Territory and chose to manufacture a product related to that state over a period of three months. The next step for the students was to present their ideas along with sample products to their parents, who were also the investors for their wards' business venture. Each group then used the investment to purchase raw materials and manufacture the products in the production rooms allotted to them.

On 8 September 2018, each stall was invitingly decorated to draw customers in. Posters were attractively positioned to market the products being sold. This year all the stalls sold food items from their respective chosen state. Mr. Rohit Goel, alumni of the school, inaugurated the event. The judges evaluated the products sold and declared the best stalls in the two categories: Junior and Senior. The 'La Cocunate'group, representing Kerala, was declared as winners in the junior category with their fork sets made from coconut shells and a dessert made with coconut by the students themselves. The best stall among the seniors was 'Chalar Pathe', representing West Bengal, with their beautiful hand embroidered appliqué design on eco-friendly cotton bags. Khyati Gupta and Arthi Mehta were declared the best entrepreneurs among juniors and seniors respectively. The event was an amazing learning experience for all the students, not only about a business venture, but also about being better human beings..

Sanskrutam Diwasam

On 29 August 2018, NPSI Mysore School celebrated Sanskrit day. This language is considered to be the mother of all languages. The show was presented by the students of class V, VI and VIII. The programme started off on a spiritual note with the chanting of divine Vedic Hymns as the Principal Ms Shubha Achaiah lit the lamp, filling the hall with positive energy.

The programme hosted a plethora of events with replications of the work of Sri Purandara Dasa, the trinities of Carnatic Music and Narayana Theerta. The soulful renditions accompanied by adept instrumentalists transported the audience to another dimension.

This melodic programme concluded with a dance performance known as the Thillana which demanded an encore. It was an immense pleasure to see that many young students are inclined towards Indian Classical music.

The entire program displayed the contribution of the Trinities of Carnatic music in the field of Sanskrit.

Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day is an auspicious day to celebrate the contributions of a teacher, a guru in each of our lives. A teacher is the bearer of light in our darkened lives, the one person responsible for showing us the right way to live, someone who shares his/her knowledge selflessly to help us grow into better human beings. The contributions of teachers in our lives are immeasurable.

The students of classes 10,11 and 12 of NPSI Mysore organised an array of competitions and celebrations to commemorate this day. The celebrations spanned over 2 days where the privileged teachers of NPSI Mysore were invited to participate in the function that was unique and creative. The special scroll invite was unveiled as students rendered a beat box and rap number in the background. It was decided to have purple as the colour code this year , purple signifying royalty, nobility, dignity and extravagance. Purple and white helium balloons were released into the sky symbolising the rise of the teaching fraternity to greater heights. On September 4 the celebrations began with a Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony for the teachers. The function was conducted by the students of classes 9, 10 and 11. The girls and boys eagerly participated in the function to draw patterns on their teachers 'palms with mehendi (henna). The enthusiastic teachers, looked forward to the beautiful designs being drawn and cheered them on. Throughout the function popular Hindi songs were played in the background that had teachers tapping their feet and dancing in pure merriment. The day was memorable and unique leaving all in happiness and bliss.

The second day of the celebration that is on the 5th of September, the students were all dressed in their various, colourful and eye catching garbs- all set to give in their best for their teachers. The venue for the event was decorated in a flawless manner as the students worked tirelessly to make the school auditorium look wonderful and the ambience was perfect for the occasion. The students had been preparing for this program for the last 2 weeks, busy practising for their skits and dances.

The program in the auditorium started with a mesmerising flute performance by Anjana, a student of Class 12, followed by a mesmerising band performance. The fusion number comprising of Kathak and the contemporary dance had all in awe. A small skit performance based on the regular life at an Indian household added a tinge of humour. The dance of Class 11 and 12 boys' astounded the audience. The stand up comedy by Janak of class 10 and Satvik of class 11 brought waves of laughter around the room. The programme ended with a breathtaking fashion show, presented by the students of class 12, involving the best of Indian tradition and culture. The Principal, Ms. Shubha Achaiah, addressed the gathering and thanked the students for showing so much love and care. Terming the teachers as 'educaring educators', she felt that at NPSI Mysore each teacher is a multitasking educational Rock star.

The day was packed with fun activities like throw ball match, free kick, cooking without fire, a school wide scavenger hunt and various other activities which further made the day memorable for the teachers.

Eleganza 2018

The 18th of August was the most enthralling day for NPSI Mysore as it was the day we hosted our very first cultural fest-"ELEGANZA- Rendezvous with Repertoire". It was an exquisite fest held in our school in which various schools across Mysore took part.

The day began with our prefect, Ankith Mohan Reddy and the school executive, Anushka welcoming the gathering and encouraging all students to do their best. They also spoke of the symbol of ELEGANZA- the phoenix that inspired us all to rise and soar higher than ever before. The auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony accompanied by a soulful invocation song brought in an aura of divinity. This was followed by a fusion dance that truly mesmerized the audience. The Principal Ms. Shubha Achaiah declared the fest open and in her address to the gathering, she extolled the importance of events and extra-curricular activities as a major contributor to overall personality development of every individual. After the inauguration of the fest, the participants for the varied events were escorted to their respective venues by student volunteers and event administrators for the day.

The teachers, who were the event managers, made the participants and accompanying faculty members feel at home. The myriad competitions spanning art, music, theatre and dance took place simultaneously in various venues. Talent, accompanied with style and passion to perform, was seen across all school teams. Battle of the Bands and Dance competitions mesmerized the judges in the auditorium. The music room echoed with laughter and applause for the events of Shipwreck and The Voice. The art and theatrical events of cooking without fire, mannequin challenge and twist in the plot took place in the indoor sports room and the venue was filled with the colorful conglomerate of aesthetic and modern trends. The most awaited event was the fashion show, aptly called - Timeless Trendz, as it was based on the theme of Fashion through changing times. The models from various schools set the ramp on fire carrying themselves with pure elegance, attitude, grace and confidence.

As all competitions and various elimination rounds drew to a close by evening, the school geared up for the grand valedictory function. The ceremony commenced with the rendition of popular rock numbers by school band, Rhythm and Rock. As the prize distribution ceremony began, hearts and pulses raced and excitement was felt in the air. The auditorium echoed with applause as the names of winners were announced. It was a proud moment for each winner to receive the coveted prize from the Principal, Ms. Shubha Achaiah.

The fest ended in the evening as the Principal announced the winners of the Rolling Trophy- Manasarovar Pushkarni Vidyashrama - the team which emerged like the phoenix as the masters of ELEGANZA 2018!! All the schools were given certificates and goodies to take back as a token of appreciation.

The visiting schools expressed their gratitude by putting their thoughts on the feedback board provided at school. Months of articulate and meticulous planning had finally blossomed into the most successful of days! The success of this event truly reflected the whole hearted participation of all the core members of the fest, the volunteers who were ever ready to help and all the teachers who were always there to guide and correct throughout- a total team effort.

After the visiting schools left, the Principal Ms Shubha Achaiah appreciated and congratulated the students' team on hosting the first cultural event with team work, enthusiasm, confidence and radiance. It was an exhausting day, yes, but it gave the students the best exposure they could've ever asked for. It taught them the value of initiative, team work, and cooperation. The day was truly one of a kind, the kind that you reminisce for years to come- truly a day when we had a rendezvous with reverberating repertoire!!!

Independence Day 2018-19

On 15 August 2018, the students and teachers of NPSI, Mysore celebrated Independence Day with great joy and fervour. It was a bright day and patriotism was in the air. All the students assembled in the ground. The flag was hoisted by the Principal, Ms Shubha Achaiah. As the flag rose higher and higher, so did our spirits. There was a sense of pride and respect as the national anthem was sung.

The Principal spoke about the importance of the freedom we have today. She asked the students to always remember the struggles of the defense personnel who sacrifice everything to keep us safe. She also mentioned not to fall into the clutches of religion, caste-based violence and fights.

Next was the cultural programme that everyone was eagerly waiting for. The students of Class V were ready to enthrall the audience with music and dance. They presented an array of famous patriotic songs to spread the fragrance of freedom. Next, there was a visual treat as the students performed a dance – drama. They depicted the Indian soldiers using technology to defeat the enemies.

Patriotism was at its pinnacle when the teacher speakers for the day moved everyone by the thought: 'Yeh mat poocho ki desh ne tumhare liye kya kiya hai, yeh poocho ki tumne desh ke liye kya kiya hai!

The programme concluded with a promise of a greater hope for tomorrow.

World Environment Day

NPS International, Mysore organized a Slogan Writing Competition for the students of classes VI to IX to observe World Environment Day which falls on 5 June.

Students assembled in their respective competition rooms. They carried the required materials to make the posters. Time duration of one hour was given to showcase their talent. It was amazing to see the creativity portrayed by the young students. The students were informed about the competition a week in advance for preparation. They were to imagine a world without greenery and its effect on the atmosphere, humans and animals.

Children came up with brilliant slogans which were thought provoking. Four slogans were adjudged the best. They were judged on the criteria of creativity, presentation and research done.

This competition was conducted to inculcate in students the value of conservation of our environment and resources.

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