Field Trip


Research has shown that the field trips give students educational experiences away from the regular classroom. These interactions teach them how to behave in different settings and also foster a sense of team work and solidarity among the students as they experience a field trip together.

On 21st July 2017, the students of Grade 2 were taken on a field trip to a nursery which was indeed enlightening and educative. A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to usable size. The plants are grown in open fields and in green houses. Students were overjoyed to see different types of plants like shrubs, creepers, climbers, bonsai and trees in the nursery and they enjoyed exploring. It was amazing to see them observe and describe different plants and flowers. They were excited to interact with the gardener and were curious to see how he used his tools to dig the soil. They were thrilled to see real lemon, chickoo, guava and mango trees laden with fruits. This was a rare sight for them. The students thoroughly enjoyed the field trip to nursery.

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