Class 4 b Assembly

Student Social Responsibility

Little drops of rain make a mighty ocean, likewise, little initiatives of student social responsibilities are steps towards a better society!

Students of Class 4B took up, on their little shoulders, the onus of conveying the role of student social responsibility to the entire student teacher community at NPSI Mysore during their class assembly on Wednesday, 4 September 2019. The enterprising bundles of energy sang, danced and spoke of the good deeds that one can undertake to make a mighty impact on oneself, the school and society. Being environmental friendly, the learners added colour to the event, by presenting flowering plants to the Principal.

The learners also rejoiced and thanked the teachers as a prelude to the forthcoming Teacher’s Day Celebrations and the NPSI Teachers’ Appreciation Week. The energy was infectious and left a warm feeling in the hearts of everyone present.

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