Its Fun to Learn Hands on!

Learning was made interesting through the activity 'Hand in Hand' in KG I. It helped to understand the concept of colours and their names. Children had to observe and recognize a particular colour and place the right colour in the respective colour tubes. It helped to capture the various shades of colour and the essence that each colour represents.

Names, size, shape and health benefits of various fruits were explained in detail. Children were asked to bring their favourite fruit to class and celebrate fruit salad day. They relished every bit of the fruit salad and enjoyed thoroughly.

Learning letter 'S' was made easy with an activity using phonic skills and formation of letter 's'. Words that start with letter 's' were spoken about, children had to pick the picture of letter 's' and stick them on a big picture of a soap as bubbles. Some students could even frame meaningful sentences, this helped them to enrich their vocabulary.

A challenging activity was conducted to introduce shapes using ice-cream sticks, where they could form the basic shapes seen in and around them. This helped them to get more clarity about shapes and their names.

A fun game was conducted to analyze and associate numbers with objects, using a ring to circle the correct number.

Classroom Learning

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