Magic with Numbers

Activities were conducted in KG I to make children understand the numbers in a very interesting and a creative way.

Feed Me: A model of a dog was kept on the table with its mouth wide open. Cut outs of numbers in bone shapes were kept in a box. Children had to count six bones and feed the dog.Children enjoyed the activity throughly and related this exercise to feeding their pet dogs at home.

Sorting: Sorting, based on similarities, is an important Math skill. Seeds were kept in a bowl. Children had to count only seven seeds and put it on a paper plate. This activity helped them to concentrate, count and also improve their fine motor skills.

Rally math: Children were taken out to the turf. On the school playground, they had to count eight beads and string it in a thread. The Number flash cards were tied on to a rope. Children had to string eight beads next to the number flash card. There was a lot of excitement among learners while doing this activity that was aimed at imparting counting skills amongst young learners.

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