On the occasion of The World Environmental day, students of Class 5 were assigned an activity to create something useful with plastic wastes. They were given ideas, as to how they could use the plastic bottles in different ways to make the best use of it. The class chose to make the plant hangers using 1 and 2 liter water bottles and juice bottles. They were informed to procure the required materials on a given date. The teacher assisted them to cut the bottle in the center horizontally and remove a part of the bottle. Then they were taken to the kitchen garden to fill the bottles with garden soil and sow the seeds of coriander, fenugreek and green grams in the soil. They were instructed to water the seeds gently every day and observe the growth of the plants. The two ends of the bottles were tied with a twine and make it like a plant hanger, which they could hang it in their respective houses. After a week, the seeds sown were fairly grown and the students were very happy to observe the growth of the plants.

Classroom Learning

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