Class 12B Assembly

La Vie Apres L'Ecole - Sequel to School Life

The best part of a person’s life is definitely his/her time at school. It is then that we mould into our individual personalities. Class XII B brought out this message ably in their assembly them ‘La Vie Apres L'Ecol'', meaning a sequel to school life.

Beginning with the entry of the Class Teacher with her students, the enactment of the school sequel, students portray various phases of life after stepping out of school. University, where they face several challenging situation, students are able to rise up to them and tackle them with confidence. Confessions to 'the diary' indicate that it was possible only because of the exposure and motivation given to them at school.

Further, moving on to facing an interview panel, the protagonist, is able to impress the interviewers with his confidence and clarity of expression. 'Dear Diary' shows it was all the wide are of participation and the gentle push from his teachers at school that had helped him get this far.

The Associate Class Teacher, speaking on the occasion said no environment can offer the energy and enthusiasm that a school offers. The assembly concluded with the Class Teacher thanking the students for taking her through this wonderful journey called 'School'.

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