Class III A Assembly

Expression Speaks………

The class Assembly of 3A was presented by the students on 10 January 2018.

They had been eagerly waiting to put up their presentation for the academic year 2017-18. The theme was "Expression Speaks"-a thoughtful and creative but at the same time, a difficult topic to depict.The practice started in the month of November but the planning for it started long before that.

The day finally arrived and students were excited to do their best to impress the audience.The main attraction of the show was,"The cup song" which needed a lot of practice as it had to do with coordination,rhythm and concentration.

There was enthusiasm and confidence galore and amidst all these the show went on very well fetching a loud applause by the audience. The pride of the students reached zenith when the cup song gained a huge shout of 'once more' by the principal. Hard work pays off,is exactly what was conveyed through the show.Students spoke eloquently and truly rocked the stage yet again in the end with the puppet dance.

Their expression truly spoke.....

Expression of Students....

When I was performing,I was happy,confident and had a smile on my face.I was hoping that this class assembly would come out well and it did.-Aashwitha.

I thought the cup song would not come out good but that was the one which stole the show.-Deeksha

I feel proud today to have performed a wonderful class assembly. We did everything with a team spirit.-Punya

Planning and execution was very smartly done. Our topic was ‘expression speaks’ and we deserve to be happy.-Anshuman

I felt very proud of my class. It was an excellent experience and great day.-Atrey

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