Promises are meant to be kept, not broken

"The best form of truthfulness is keeping our promises".

On 17th January 2018, the students of Class III 'B' presented their class assembly on the theme, "Promises are meant to be kept,not broken". A beautiful invite was created which depicted the theme and all the teachers and students were invited to witness the programme in the school assembly area at 8:10 am.

Sian and Stuti were the anchors for the day. They began the programme by giving a warm welcome to everyone present there. The story of Punyakoti - a folktale about a cow who spoke truth at all times, was narrated by a group of students in English as well as sung in Kannada. A dance drama was also enacted to highlight the thought 'Honesty is always rewarded.'

The children presented a soul - stirring thought that made all realize the need to keep up to their promises.The thundering applause after the skit proved that the message, reached every child and did indeed, make a difference to them.

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