"If you realize your responsibility you will realize your destiny.".

Students are the future generation. If they are taught to be disciplined and treated justly they will carry out their responsibilities in order to face various challenges in life.

On 24th January 2018, the students of Class III 'C' presented their class assembly on the theme, 'Responsibility'. A beautiful invite was created which depicted the theme and all the teachers and students were invited to witness the programme in the school assembly area.

Somaan and Jagathi were the anchors for the day. They began the programme by giving a warm welcome to everyone present there. The programme started with a song on responsibility. Sahridaya recited a poem written by him on the responsiblity towards nature, which was highly appreciated by all. A skit was also enacted to highlight the thought of 'Responsibility is always rewarded.' A few quotes were shared by students, followed by a foot tapping dance number and they rocked the show. The programme ended with teachers' talk on taking responsibilities as everybody's duty. With a lot of enthusiasm and confidence the show went on very well fetching a loud applause by the audience.

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