The assembly was an excellent platform for the students to explore their talents and to convey their message. Students of class VIA were full of enthusiasm and loved to be a part of an idea. They presented a thought provoking Assembly on the topic – 'ESSENCE OF LIFE' on 6 December, 2017. The children presented a soul - stirring thought that made all realize the need to maintain a harmonious relationship with their environment.

The assembly began with a magic show, in which the magician interacted with the students. This was followed by the introduction of the five elements through the word 'BHAGAVAAN'. BHA - Bhumi (earth); GA- Gagan (Sky); Va- Vayu( Air); AA- Agni( Fire) and NA – Neer (Water). There was a dazzling dance on the theme "FIVE ELEMENTS" which depicted various dance forms and related to the various emotions of life. They also informed about the importance of each element in our life. The effect of the five elements on our body was very nicely explained by the students. They taught the audience different Mudras and informed them the significance of each Mudra. The assembly concluded with a grand finale depicting the harmony of life which was enjoyed by the audience and a thought- provoking message was conveyed by the teachers.

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