Class VI B Assembly

Imbibing The Value of Respect

Our values are the very building blocks of the society. They are learnt early in life and determine our personality. One such value is respect. On 6 December, 2017 the students of class 6-B presented the class assembly on this value. Here are some of their expressions on the programme:

Our class assembly was on December 6 and we had practiced very hard to put up this show.Days before the assembly Chahel, Kavya, Pranati and Vishrutha were busy crafting a wonderful invite for the class assembly consisting of a rainbow and a tree of respect. On the day of the assembly, Chahel, Mayur, Pranati and Pragnya were the comperes of the programme. At the outset, two students- Kavya and Sadhana addressed the school as news reporters and gave an update on the latest events organized at the school. After this, Vishnu recited Shlokas in Sanskrit, highlighting the significance of respect in our life, and Samarth conveyed the meaning of each Shloka in English. Next, we had a skit scripted by Ananth and Samarth which depicted how respect, no matter what the case, takes you higher in life. It was enacted beautifully by Ananth, Jaishnav, Rishank, Rohan, Samarth, Tanya, Tribhuvan and Vidhatri and narration was done by Anuj and Rudharth. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students watching the assembly. Following this, a group song was presented which was composed by Anuj and had very meaningful lyrics and accompanying the singers were Bharat, the guitarist and Janhavi, the pianist. In a short time, they were able to prepare themselves. Later, various quotes on respect were recited by all the students of the class. The students stood in a V- formation and one by one came forward and spoke. Our assembly ended with the much-awaited group dance on the tune of the song- ‘Larger than Life’ and Tribhuvan was undoubtedly the best performer who took the lead. In the end, a vote of thanks was read by Aahana and Zahra and requested all the teachers to put stickers on a beautifully created banner by both of them. The audience applauded as the assembly came to an end. Then, there were group photographs and all students posed happily for the same. Janhavi-6B

The dances gained a lot of applause from the audience. The skit was also enjoyed by everybody though there was a slight mistake in it.We, the students of 6 B, presented the essence of respect by speaking quotes that highlighted the importance of this virtue. The programme ended with Rohan and Zahra doing cartwheels, Tribhuvan a front flip while Chahel did a slow walk.It was a satisfying experience to put up the class assembly with my friends.   Ananth-6B

It was such a joy to work with the students while planning, watching the students rehearse and be a part of their excitement for the class assembly. We appreciate all the students for their contribution.

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