Class VII A Assembly

Go Green

VII A’s class assembly was held on October 11, 2017 in the school auditorium. The topic for the program was 'Go Green'. The students of the class were all dressed in green and blue, and had practiced hard to put up the show.

They introduced the topic through a short skit. It portrayed a scene of what the future may be like, wherein the world will be polluted and the natural environment destroyed. This was followed by a song, ‘Earth We are in it Together’, which the students sang. Next, some students recited quotes, which aimed to make people aware of the current state of our environment and Earth. After that there was a poetic elocution on pollution. Finally, the students put up a short dance, which was choreographed by the students themselves. They also suggested a few measures to help reduce damage to Earth. The teachers ended the program on a note of thanks.

The class assembly was short, informative and entertaining and the intended message was put across beautifully by the students.

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