Class VII B Assembly

Set Your Mind Right

"Attitude is mind's paint brush. It can colour any situation".

25 October 2017 was the class assembly of 7B.The theme of the assembly was mindset. The aim behind this theme was to encourage the audience to set their minds with positivity, no matter what situation they come across.

Aadya and Chaithanya anchored the programme posing as television reporters of channel NPS 24x7. To keep the mind of audience tuned, the programme was started with a song to think positive. The song was supported by the music of marakhas and jaltharang. This made the song more lively and entertaining. This was followed by a mind based game. It was played in order to bring in a realisation that games can also be played without any gadgets.

Next, a skit depicting how not to focus on the negative aspects of life but to look towards the positive, was enacted by the students. This was followed by an entertaining fusion dance by girls. It was a feast to our eyes to watch them dance to the tunes of Bhrathanatyam.

Students’ presentation of quotes related to mindset along with the soothing beats of jaltharang as the background music was an enjoyable experience. The programme concluded with a story narration by the class teacher and the associate class teacher.

The assembly ended with a happy note of acknowledging the people who helped put up the show. It was truly a very creative assembly wherein the talents of the students were displayed innovatively.

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