Spirit of Service

The theme of the class assembly “Spirit of service” was a tribute to the Indian citizens who have dedicated themselves for improving the lives of people around them. Their inner strength – vision, will, commitment, energy – compensate for their lack of financial resources.

On 29 November 2017, students of class 8B presented before the school the stories of seemingly ordinary people who with their spirit of service have made extraordinary contributions to society, nation and environment, against great personal odds. They teach us how can we beat all odds if we harness and channel our inner strengths.

The Work done by personalities like Kailash Satyarthi [Nobel peace prize recipient], Shika Patra, Anjali Chandrashekar, Madhu Bhatnagar, Tilak Vij, Yoganathan[a bus conductor], Chewang Norpel[Ice man], Baba Amte was brought to light .

Students performed a skit to show how some of the above personalities brought about a positive change in the community they lived, and the awards they have been honoured with as recognition for their services. This was followed by the class teacher and associate class teacher narrating a short inspirational story on Alfred Nobel.

A song and a dance further added to the theme of the class assembly and ignited the spark among the audience to change the world for the better. The class assembly concluded with vote of thanks and a quote spoken by Mahatma Gandhi, who himself is known for his extraordinary service to humanity and the nation.

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