Class XI B Assembly

Virtues of Life

19 July 2017 was an important day for the students of Class XI B as they portrayed the essence of the virtues of life. Kindness, humility, magnanimity, honesty, respect and courteousness were the qualities that they extolled upon to lead a life loved by all. By practicing these virtues one can overcome all obstacles encountered in one’s life. They beautifully depicted one of life’s most valuable lessons from the shoes of an extremely talented and equally arrogant footballer, who learnt about humility the hard way. The entire class shed light on the most fundamental positive merits which help us smoothly ride life’s rollercoaster effortlessly. Some of the students spoke about the importance of these virtues in life. The ever energetic dancers added to the lively spirit spreading the message of never giving up, for, trying to fail is much better than failing to try. The song, ‘waving flag’ a heart warming one, was loved by all and the audience was found humming it on their way back to class. It spread a joyful message in the form of musical notes - the vision of living together in peace and harmony is all that we need to celebrate in life. The loud round of applause from the audience echoed over the place and spread the positivity of virtues.

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