Adolescence Education Programme

Adolescence is the age when children go through a lot of changes. Externally, they undergo many changes in their body. Internally, there are a lot of constant hormonal processes that lead to emotional changes. This may manifest in their behaviour as irritability, anger, uncertainty, confusion and depression.

It is therefore of utmost importance to provide our adolescents a platform where they understand this phase of growing up and learn techniques to cope with it. Adolescence Education Programme (AEP) is such a platform, created with the objective of providing a smooth transition for our youth to grow up into healthy adults.

During adolescence, children are seeking their own identity. Being in touch with Life skills, which is a part of this programme, equips them with skills for life! Topics like Time Management and Goal Setting; Building Self-Esteem; Anger Management and inculcating a sense of Service, form a part of this programme. Adolescent health issues such as the process of puberty are also discussed and these aid in promoting health and hygiene during adolescence.

Students find this course interesting as the topics are dealt with in an interactive manner with activities such as Poster Making; Drawing; Colouring and Painting; Role-play and Debates; PowerPoint Presentations and Guest Lectures.

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