Robotics is a multi-disciplinary tool that is being increasingly used worldwide in educational programs to motivate, excite, and inspire students about math and science.

Robotics course is offered in partnership with ‘Grila Academy’, a unique course where children & teachers work together to brainstorm, design & construct robots in a fun-filled, challenging and stimulating environment. Children discover the important connection between theoretical and real-world application. Understanding the concepts of programming is important for success in engineering but the application of software - the integration of logic and hardware is both context for learning and skill for success in solving difficult problems.

Teaching software without hardware is like explaining the purpose of The Arc without The Flood. Robotics is a rich context for learning technology and it is a means to an end – a very cool hook on which to hang complex concepts.

It provides a hands-on experience is solving real world challenges and exposes students to physics, mechanics, electronics, programming, vocabulary building and much more.

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