Inter School Activities

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English Play Festival

The English play performed by our school students in Kalasuruchi was a great exposure and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We started practice for the play two weeks in advance, roles were allotted, the script was written and edited and our costumes were finalized. Our entire team worked really hard and we gave it our all to make the play a success. It was a very unique experience because none of us had written and directed a play before.

On Monday, 6 November 2017 at 4 pm our team assembled at Kalasuruchi. We practiced for a short while, trying to remember our dialogues and get into character. The staff at Kalasuruchi even did our makeup and gave us refreshments. The play went on smoothly with Ms.Seema and Ms.Vidhatri guiding us throughout the event. We gave it our very best and the audience received it very well. We all received certificates and a trophy was given to the student director.

The plot of the play was about a poor boy who was adopted by a financially stable family who provided him with a good education. As a result he becomes a successful man; he takes up his father’s company and improves the business. He then faces a traumatic incident where he is reminded of his past. He then sets off to find his parents, only to discover that he has a younger sister. The play portrays scenes of child abuse, child trafficking and child labor encouraging us to promote ideas of education and security.

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