Equipped For Tomorrow

Learning becomes more fun when theory is completed with practical experience. To ensure an all round practical knowledge, a well, equipped chemistry lab with all the necessary apparatus is an asset. Students have a firsthand experience on various experiments ranging from crystallization of salts, analysis of salts to volumetric analysis. Practical learning enriches their knowledge and helps them to correlate to the theoretical knowledge. Practical experience helps them to derive unknown to known facts. The experience of observing various chemicals reactions which otherwise they learn in the form of equations gives a lot of pleasure and thrill to the students. Igniting the bunsen burner, analysing the salts and observing the various reactions taking place gives a ftrst hand information to the learners. It also gives them an in-sight into the chemical world of reactions! Working in a chemistry lab trains children to be alert and cautious. It hones the young mind to develop a keen scientific temper and enhance their scientifc skills.


Computer Education is a part of the curriculum from Grade 1 to 10. Here, emphasis is on concept formation rather than merely providing information. The school has two Cyber Labs with state - of - art computers. Our lab's infrastructure have built keeping in mind the creativity of our students. They are built into a network where teams of students can come together and work on projects by effectively collaborating with each other. Our labs are protected by data security policies that have been configured into the anti-virus server which ensures these policies are pushed into each system at required frequency to make them virus attack proof. In NPS the stress on computer education is more to groom our students to be creative with machines and to imbibe the habit of making use of information available around them.

The auditorium of NPSI is definitely a pride colossal structure of this campus. A spacious fully air conditioned, equipped with the most modern audio and visual facilities, including sophisticated light, sound system and a massive seating capacity of 550. The decor of the auditorium magically transforms for every school event. We had the traditional looking hampi ruins for the Vitaan 2013, a very musical aura echoing the Ninaad 2013, colourful scenes from around the world for the Anokha 2013 and the more sedate stars, ribbons, flags, diyas etc. for the not so big events. All the major functions, various competitions, class assemblies, seminars are held in this auditorium which gives a variety of exposure to the students in showcasing their talents and to groom their stage presence and confidence. Stepping on to the auditorium stage to perform is always a thrill where Children will remember their first performances, looking out at the massive expanse of filled seats, challenging them to do their very best. This auditorium sets the bar high! And the results are stunning!


The resource room will have a wide range of activity materials to help students have a visual impact of what they learn in class. Resources enhance classroom learning. Visual and working models, charts, games, 3-D models etc., form a part of the Resource Room. Teachers are in the constant process of developing new resources for various subjects. A wide range of activity materials already form a part of Resource room, enhancing the visual impact and making principles and concepts clearer during a learning session.

Students also find it a pleasure to indulge in games pertaining to their lessons, in the resource room. The resource room is a place which takes a child much beyond subject learning. The various resources also aim at team building, cooperation and a sense of bonding.

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