Equipped For Tomorrow

Counselling services are available for the entire student body. Students will be referred by a parent, teacher or the School Principal. In the process of growing up, children may need additional support. They may need guidance for academic progress. Some may require tips to boost their self-esteem. Yet others may want help to overcome obstacles. Here, they will receive reassuring guidance and techniques to skilfully manage challenges and move towards their goals.

Guidance and counselling becomes part of every teacher's career. Students are skilfully manoeuvered towards discovering their areas of weakness and motivated to believe that their inner strengths can be brought forth. Self-belief is strengthened.


Sports is an integral part of our curriculum and our prime concern is to give all students the opportunity for participation, enjoyment and skill development. Sports programs include inter and intra-school competitve sports and outdoor recreational activities. By providing opportunities like these, NPSI ensures each student develops a foundation for life-long physical fitness and wellness. Sports at NPSI complements the school's overall educational philosophy by providing the opportunity for all students to enhance their physical and mental health, hone their individual skills and learn to collaborate through team play. The sports department believes that the school sports program should offer a nurturing environment consistent with the international character of the school. A variety of outdoor and indoor sports will be offered at the school. Our grounds are equipped for cricket, hockey, football, basketball, volley ball, long jump, etc. Facilities for indoor games lie chess, carom, table tennis, badminton, etc are also available for indoor games enthusiasts.

Every artist was first an ameture. Come and find the artists in yourself! this is a place where everyone forgets who they are. They are engorssed with colours imaginations and creativity. At NPSI our goal is to take each student as an individual and hone their skills and desire to learn and create. All classes here will foster a love for art and creativity. The art room is a place where students enjoy learning a multitude of techniques, while being exposed to various styles of art ranging from modern art, folk art, object study, landscaping and decorative styles. Children are encouraged to express themselves, using different mediums like oil pastels, water colors, pencil shading, etching and many more.


Fun and frolic is a part of any students life. The school provides the necessary care and first-aid to its students in times of need. The Health care centre is equipped with the basic medical requirements to help students in case of any injury or offer comfort in case of sickness. Alert support staff and vigilant teachers keep constant check until students are taken home.

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