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A renowned bus operator will take care of bus services to and from the School to all parts of Mysore. The authorised drivers are well acquainted and comply with all the rules laid by the R.T.O. To prevent child abuse in the bus there are eligible lady attendants to care of all the children who board and alight the bus. All the buses have been installed with door closure system with which the doors of the buses would automatically gets closed while the buses are in transit. We ensure that all children are seated as per the seating capacity of the bus and make sure the overcrowding does not happen. All the school buses are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kit and safety rods on the windows. The bus is sophsiticated and well cushioned to enable a comfortable journey for the children. They are cleaned regularly and well maintained to ensure cleaniness and avoid any dust allergies to children. All the buses are well equipped bus with all facilities to suit the need. For more information, click the link -
our norms on school transport


The dance studio provides an environment for introducing students to the basic movements in dance like flexibility, expressions and body languages for the performing art form. Students are also trained for the various programmes like class assemblies, inter-school and intra-school events, and mega events in school which are conducted annually. The Dance studio helps the students of different age groups to showcase their talent, creativity and ability of expression through dance. We believe that performing art is an important factor for discipline in the life of a student. Young children need a lot of physical activity to keep them physically fit and dance activities help curtail tendencies of obesity and health related issues amongst young children while improving the child's immunity.  When exposed to such teaming, like minds, there is an active exchange of creative ideas and the ability to work together as a team. This creates a sense of belonging, a sense of loyalty towards the team, and development of cultural spirit.

Music classes are held during school hours where students learn the nuances of music from a professional music instructor. The music department strives to discover, nurture and fine tune musical talents. Activities that happen in the music classes are rhythm training, preparation of songs for the various occasions, voice harmony training and learning staff notes for guitar, keyboards, modern drums are taught for the interested students. The music center is a equipped with instruments that accompany the music classes. Music is a part of the curriculum for grades 1 to 5 and children enjoy their everyday music classes which is a welcome relaxation. Basic Rock music techinques and pop music techniques in guitar and drums is taught. Students enjoy fusion music in instrumental and singing ragaas' with western backgorund. The students always look forward for the Inter/Intra house and other various competitions. Students always come out with new songs and also with their own compositions which is always encouraged.


Audio Visual rooms at NPSI, Mysore is where particualr atention is paid to the audio and visual presentation of the material with ther goal of improving comprehension and retension. These AV rooms are used by the faculty and students to make presentations. Audio visual aid is the best tool for making teaching effective and the best dissemination of knowledge. Children learn diffrently and audio visual equipment gives teachers the chance to stimualte each child's learning process with the combination of pictures, sounds and also communicate and teach in a stimulating interactive environment. A spacious room with latest technological aids make the audio visual room a special room at NPSI, Mysore. Theatrical learning of children can be augmented by effective use of the audio visual aid. Children can view slideshow presentations and also educational movies on the screen. This room will also provide a grand ambience for small group discussion with parents and students, lectures by invited speakers and for workshops.

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