Equipped For Tomorrow

Gone are the days when students would consider 'Math' as a 'Tough' and 'Mechanical' subject. Thanks to the well-equipped Math lab in our school which provides students with opportunity to stay with numbers, space and dimensions which caters to the right understanding of every mathematical concept through aptly designed activity kits for classes varying from grades 1 to 10. Ranging from simple abacus and counting rods, properties of geometrical figures to the factorization of polynomials, the lab provides students an opportunity for a well deserved hands-on experience. Here the simple classroom learning is transformed into a logical and analytical reasoning where students develop the skill of deriving formulae. It helps in creating a challenging atmosphere for students to put their mathematical abilities to test. The enthusiastc child-centric approach to all the varied aspects of learning math is worth a watch. This creative environment is a favourite spot and a right atmosphere for young mathematicians in the making!


'Happy is the child at play'. our KG / Montessori play area aims at just that. Aesthetically done, with bright colours, the play area enhances bodily kinaesthetic and motor skills. In the age of I-pads and smart phones when children are busy playing indoors the play area is a welcome change not just for the children but even for the parents as they are happy that their wards are getting their share of Vitamin-D by playing outdoors. Children love it when they are taken to the play area where they are free to be themselves and get to play with their friends which they thouroughly enjoy. Some children don't even want use the slides as they love to play with the sand thus building their fine motor fine motor skills and expressing their creativity. The open air environment is used to sing and dance and thus aid in their social development. The agility of children playing in the play area using the jungle gym is highly developed as they climb, walk, jump, slide, balance and run around. At NPSI, Mysore where academics is always fun the Play area is simply the icing on the cake.

A facility not available to many. NPSI, Mysore, has a pool to boast. With a competent instructor to guide the students on the techniques of swimming, students have taken to the pool with aplomb. NPSI Mysore, helps its students swim to good health! Well maintained with hygiene in mind for a healthy atmosphere. Water filtration are done regularly to keep the water in the pool healthy and to make sure the pool doesn't get slippery. ECA's are scheduled for students of Grade 5 and above to enhance their new skills.Swimming is one of the most popular sports in India and is one of our great passions. As well as being fun, swimming is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy. NPSI encourages swimming to take it to a competitive level, workout as well as the fun and thrill of competition. School makes sure there are two male and female supervisors present when the pool is being used. Security measures are taken into consideration to makes sure that the environment to swim is safe. NPSI Mysore believes in "Healthy body will contain healthy mind".


"Waiting in Comfort" A cheery reception area at NPSI, Mysore makes waiting a less tedious experience for parents and guests alike. The reception area not only offers a comfortable seat to those waiting but also provides a pleasant ambience with the area decorated in colours of the season or the festivals celebrated. Welcome to NPSI International, Mysore. Parents take pride when they just look around to find their wards’ achievements on the ‘ Wall of Fame’. No doubt that ‘Newsmakers displays the accolades received by students, ‘Days of Fun’ and Events’ will surely leave any of our visitor spell bound by the creativity and perfection with which our students perform on stage. What more? Find our ever smiling and friendly executives at the Front desk. Whether its queries, concerns or suggestions you can be assured to be very positively informed and addressed to so that you leave with a sense of satisfaction.

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