Field Trip

The Chemistry of Plastics

The students of XII A stepped into Shree Plastic Industry in Bannimantap to be greeted by the distinct smell of plastic. On the floor were neatly stacked gunny bags that packed some of the 150 different products that this industry manufactured. They were guided to a room whose area was dominated by a huge machine that bore the mould of a carton box. They watched as a worker scraped off the extra plastic from the freshly made boxes. Mr. Sandeep explained to them with great detail the various processes to which both machines and human labour must contribute to make a good quality product. He informed them with a live demonstration the creation of a mixture to which the desired pigmenting substance is added in order to obtain different colors of plastic. He also told them about how the injection step remains the same regardless the size of the machine and the mould. He spoke about how multicoloured plastics are created. The place was filled with buckets, carton boxes and handles of different hues. There were different polymers which are also a part of their curriculum at school. High Density Polythene, Low Density Polythene, Polypropene were all lined up ready for use. Mr Sandeep spoke about the various players in the Plastic industry and how he must keep up with the changing market trends. He talked about his corporate social responsibility and how this industry is bread and butter for many. He concluded by saying that running a business was not a one-man show. They got back into their bus and journeyed back to their school with knowledge enriched and their minds enlightened by the Chemistry of Plastics.

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