Field Trip

Oxygen Acres

As a part of outdoor learning, the students of class V were taken out on a field visit to Oxygen Acres on 9 November 2017. Mr Jaidev and Mr Ravi took the students on the farm tour and gave several details about farming. They explained about organic farming and the production of various sources of energy using gobar gas. The students were taken to the cow shed where they were explained about the varieties of cows, milking of cows and how the slurry is flushed out into the gobar gas plant. The students got a first hand information regarding production of energy by using solar panels and methane gas. The students learnt about how the different milk products like cheese, butter, ghee, paneer, and yogurt are prepared in an organic way. They were later served with hot badam milk which they relished. The children had enjoyed to the fullest and came back to school with a wonderful smile.

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