Field Trip

Visit to Planet Earth

Field trips are fun! A visit to the "Planet Earth" was an amazing experience for the students of KG I. This is one among the largest aquariums in India with about 150 varieties of ornamental fish, a collection of both fresh water as well as marine fish.

The moment students entered the campus of Planet Earth they were awestruck on seeing pets like guinea pigs, different breeds of dogs, pigeons, bunny rabbits, hamsters and white mice; Students were also allowed to touch all the pets.

Students later sat down to have their snacks. After their snack time they were taken inside the marine world. They walked from one aquarium to another, pointing at the fishes- Red Tail Cat fish, Silver Arowana, Oscar, Fighter fish, Tiger Shark, Guppy, Giant Gourami. It was impossible to stop their excitement. It was a great learning experience for the students which made a lasting impact on them. The students really enjoyed every moment of the field trip to "Planet Earth".

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