Field Trip

Plant Nursery

A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to usable size. It was a bright, pleasant morning when the students of Class I hopped into the bus for their field trip. They were brimming with excitement as the place they were visiting was a surprise. The students were trying to guess as to where they would be going.

Finally, they reached the place. It was a Plant Nursery. The students got into their lines and were taken around the nursery. They were overjoyed to see the colourful flowers and the lush green plants. They saw different types of plants which they had learnt about in their lesson. Creepers, climbers, herbs, shrubs and trees were the different types of plants found in the nursery. As the plants were shown to the students, they were thrilled to guess their names. Most of the plants were familiar to them.

The students were delighted to see the different types of fruits and vegetables, growing there. They also got to see few ornamental and flowering plants which they were able to recognize. As they headed towards the exit of the nursery, a fully bloomed lotus caught their eye. They admired it, immensely.

Finally, they stood amidst the beautiful plants and gave a cheerful smile for a click!

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