Field Trip


On 8 November 2017, a field trip to Sand Museum was arranged for the 4th graders.

Children had no idea about the destination of their field trip and kept guessing on their way to the museum, while being nostalgic about their previous field trip.

After arriving at the Sand Museum, children were thrilled to explore the place keeping all the norms in mind. They marched their way to gaze at the amazing sand sculptures made. To name a few there were idols of Gods, cartoon characters, marine life and happy man.

Children were stunned to see and understand the fact that the sculptures were crafted completely with sand. It also gave them plenty of ideas about the possibilities of sand particles being used to make creative and magnificent sand sculptures.

A lot of intricate and miniature things making the giant sand sculptures so beautiful were very well observed by the students and those observations were shared among them as they moved. The dexterity of the artist was appreciated by the students.

In the end, the dazzling smiles grew wider as the students posed for a snapshot.

On the way back, children seemed to wish the trip to extend for some more time; however, they returned with loads of wonderful memories to cherish.

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