Field Trip

A Field Trip to Science Ashram, Mysore

Students of class VIII were taken on a field trip to Science Ashram, a place which awakens the scientific aptitude among students, builds their basic concepts and helps them test those concepts by making miniature working models. This time they learnt the working of the Archimedes screw which was used in the ancient times for transferring water from a low-lying water body into irrigation ditches.

Students were provided with building materials like sun board, PVC pipes, plastic tubes, cycle spooks, glue gun, sticker sheets etc. and were given step wise instructions for making the miniature working model of the screw pump. It was a pleasure to watch the complete involvement of the students in the hands on activity given to them and their enthusiasm in building and testing the equipment.

Students clarified their doubts and learnt the practical applications of the screw pump in mines, sewage treatment plants and in stabilization of the Leaning tower of Pisa. They also tried their hands on the other working models kept in the centre. It was a wonderful experience involving all the five senses and hundred percent learning.

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