Field Trip

A Field Trip to Science Ashram, Mysore

Students of class VII were taken on a field trip to Science Ashram, a place where children are able to showcase their talents by making science models. It was an innovative workshop, where students were asked to assemble the parts of an anemometer which was given in a kit with an audio and visual help.

The kit contained materials like plastic holders, stickers, a large piece of soft board, screws and nuts, plastic hemispherical cups and a metal holder. The students with the help of the teachers started the model with great enthusiasm. They were very excited to use the tools such as the C clamp, hacksaw blade, drill machine and the glue gun. It was a pleasure to watch them getting completely involved doing the hands on activity and helping each other to complete the model.

Students clarified their doubts and learnt the practical applications of the anemometer. They learnt that it was a device used to measure the speed of the wind. It was a mesmerizing learning experience which will be cherished by students and the teachers alike, forever. A learning which will last a lifetime!

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