Field Trip

An Insightful and Delightful Educational Trip of Class VI

Class VI students were taken for an educational field trip to 'Science Ashram' on 29 August 2017. It provided an opportunity to the young learners to participate in experiment based learning of certain scientific concepts.

A video on 'Human Creativity' was played for all the students to understand that humans have a very unique ability to think out of the box and they learn more by working hands-on as compared to listening or reading. The students were given the materials for making a model and with the help of a step by step video they created the model displaying the optical illusion which is based on the working of the multiple images when two mirrors are kept parallel. The students were totally engrossed in the activity and displayed an eagerness to learn ‘what’ and ‘how' of the concept explained.

The response of the students was very positive and they thoroughly enjoyed their trip.

At the end of the session, the students thanked the instructors and presented a thank you card to them.

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