Field Trip

Montessori Seniors and Juniors Field trip to Shukavana

Montessori seniors and juniors enjoyed their field trip to Shukavana aviary at Sachidananda Ashram. The students were excited as they travelled with their friends. They sang all the way from the school to the destination. They bombarded the teachers with questions about hoardings and boards they saw on the way.

As we reached our destination, the students were very enthusiastic to experience the journey through the aviary. At the entrance, the students could hear varied sounds from the aviary. The students were thrilled to hear a parrot talk and wanted to converse with it. The waterfall at the entrance was a pleasant sight.

The students got a wonderful opportunity to know about the habitat and the diet of the parrots. They saw various species of parrots and parakeets; and also got to know the difference between a parrot, parakeet and macaw. They were in awe to see macaws and were amazed at their colourful feathers.

The field trip to Shukavana was a colourful experience and the students were reluctant to exit the aviary.

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