Founder’s Day

On 14 June 2017 Founder’s Day was celebrated with great spirit and fervour. The programme was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by Dr K P Gopalakrishna, founder and Chairman of NPS Group of Institutions. He addressed the students of Class XI and XII and extolled the importance of broadened vision and focus on higher education abroad for increased exposure and learning. He emphasized that every member of the teaching fraternity looks forward to see the students successfully settled in their lives.

The programme in the auditorium commenced at 11 am with the students of Classes V- XII and teachers as audience. The programme began on a melodious note with the students of Class X rendering a song in Sanskrit. This was followed by an address by the Principal Ms Shubha Achaiah. Ms Shubha expressed her gratitude to Dr K P Gopalakrishna. She also thanked Mr Diwakar, Chief Architect of our building, for his contribution. She spoke about the niche that NPS Mysore has created for itself in just a span of four years, making it one of the top schools in Mysore. She said that it was indeed gratifying to see our alumni, placed in various prestigious institutions in India and abroad. She made a special mention of the fourteen students and twenty four staff members who have been with the institution since its inception. Ms Shubha specially thanked all the branches of NPS for extending their support in the last four years and said that NPSI Mysore is successful today due to the collective efforts of all and with Dr K P Gopalakrishna as the driving force. "Four years, but the legacy moves on forever" were her words as she signed off wishing every member of the NPS family the very best in all their endeavours.

The fourteen students of Class XII who joined NPSI Mysore in its first year, stole the show, as they spoke of their experience in the school and how this institution has shaped them into confident and enthusiastic young individuals, all set to take on the world as they graduate in 2018. They expressed pride in calling themselves "NPSites" and added that this identity was very special to them. They thanked the teachers and all staff members for helping them blossom, in both academics and extracurricular activities and for helping them move towards their goals.

The yearly magazine of NPSI Mysore, Silhouette, was released by Dr K P Gopalakrishna. An exquisite work of art, depicting the school logo, made by Chandana M, a student of Class 12 was also released on the occasion.

The programme concluded on a positive note with everyone looking forward to another year of learning and success, in the words of the comperes, "This is the beginning of another beginning..."

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