French Day

French day is celebrated at NPS every year. This year, it was celebrated on Friday, 27 October. The programme began with the NPSI school song in French. The students of class VII sang it with great ease. Further, the importance of learning this beautiful language was expressed with a visual slide at the backdrop. Unknowingly, we have been using a lot of words in English which have been derived from French. A small quiz for the audience was conducted to test their knowledge on these words, followed by a beautiful rhythmic French song, leaving the audience mesmerized.

'Dream big but achieve it through the right path' is what was conveyed with a small skit enacted by the children with English subtitles on the backdrop for everyone to understand. The programme had a musical end, again with a French group song.

Every phrase was translated into English and every act inspired the children to opt for this globally demanding language.

It was a delightful show which all understood and regaled in.

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