Classroom Activities

Group Discussion – Melting Ice Caps

The changing climate on Earth has always been an interesting topic of discussion, with new facts and revelations coming forth. Students of class 5A presented a group discussion on the topic ‘Melting Ice Caps,’ on 16 August, as part of their class activity in Social Science.

Students were made into groups and asked to prepare on various area of this topic. They were then asked to present their topic in class, resulting in an informative discussion. Students felt strongly about the effects of pollution on the environment, expressing their apprehension about what could happen to life on Earth if sea levels rose.

A great deal of information was shared through this discussion and it was amazing to note that students were well aware of the dwindling flora and fauna in the polar regions. Each one was eager to share what ‘more’ they knew about the melting ice caps and ways to prevent this.

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