Inter School Activities

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The students of classes XI and XII from NPSI Mysore participated in INCEPTRA, a Commerce fest held on 28 July 2017 at NPS HSR, Bangalore. This fest was filled with excitement, competitive spirit and unique events. It tested the marketing, management and creativity skills that the students possessed. The fest presented a gist of the corporate world that the students will soon step into. The events taught the students to face hurdles, think out of the box, solve problems and create innovative ideas. It was truly a wonderful learning experience that will help the students in the years to come.

Our students bagged the I prize in ENIGMA, an event about crisis management. The students who participated were Bhavya Gupta of class XII B, Gauri Bhatnagar and Shraddha Rajesh of class XI B.

In the event IMPERIUM, Aayush Aiyanna of class XII A bagged the 'Best Manager' award.

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