Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony of NPSI Mysore was held on 23 June, 2017. It is one of the most awaited events of the year as all the chosen representatives are initiated into their respective roles. The word 'Investiture' means honouring individuals with positions of responsibility and authority.

The programme started with the declaration of the names of those selected as Association Heads. Each leader was personally introduced citing their strengths and talents. We also had a surprise – the Executive Leader. The grade V put up an energetic and enthusiastic performance with their inspirational song and rhythmic beats. As each House Leader and deputy was announced, the respective Houses cheered and applauded with great enthusiasm. Our Principal presented the badges to all the elected members and also rendered the oath to all the new leaders. They took the pledge to hold the school motto 'Reach Out, Reach High, Reach Beyond' in high esteem; to deliver their duties to the best of their abilities and honour the trust bestowed upon them The House leaders held up their respective House flags with pride.

The Principal Ms Shubha Achaiah, in her speech congratulated the newly appointed school Council members and Association leaders which truly inspired the elected and selected leaders. She emphasised that leaders must be humble and must take others along. They must take satisfaction in growing others in their respective teams and learn as they lead.

The school Prefect Gaurav Achaiah, Sports Captain Poorna S Bhat and the school Executive Rohit Goel in their speeches, promised to discharge their duties in the most proactive and diligent manner.

The programme concluded with all present singing the school song with great pride and sense of belonging.

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