The Kids2Day International Book Fair 2018

At NPS International Mysore we believe that 'Reading is the best form of educating ourselves and there are no limits or boundaries to what we can learn and become.'

The International Book Fair for the year 2018 was organized at NPS International Mysore from 1st - 3rd of February. KIDS2DAY, the book vendor displayed more than five thousand books on different categories like The Young and Teen readers, Teen Fiction, Popular characters, Sports Biographies, Mythological collection, Craft and Art activity books, Origami, Cookery, Parenting and many reference books. Parents and Children were elated with the enormous collection of books. Parents actively participated in buying books for their young and their teen readers which convinced us that reading is definitely a habit among everyone. Teachers also participated enthusiastically in browsing the collection and choosing books for themselves and recommending books to the library. Delighted parents shared their motivating feedback which encouraged us to plan more activities in the coming days.

Student Expression:
On 1 February a book fair was organized by Kid2day International Book fair in NPSI, Mysore. The fair went on from 1 February to 3 February 2018. All students from classes 1 to 11 visited the fair. 3rd was holiday as it was a Saturday, so children came with their parents to buy books. The books in the collection were really interesting. All the books were arranged category wise.

They gave a book mark for any book that we bought. There were many types of books: sports, encyclopedia, activity books, books for girls and boys, books for young children and for radiant readers, books about movies, guides about the movie characters and any kind of book one could think of.

In all the book fairs that have come to our school this one was the best. I am very sure that anyone in the school who has browsed through these books would say so too.

Eshaan, Class 5B

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