Classroom Activities

Knowledge is Fun

A child's mind is like a sponge and soaks in with ease the information given.

Every day is a new and exciting day for our KGI children. Even as they play they learn many things and their personality and learning abilities blossom.

Hence, we had hands on activity like writing letter 'u' in the umbrella, circling letter 'e' in the engine, placing the right letter to the picture inside the balloon, ringing the objects for the given letter activity, feeding the duck activity, mailing the letter inside the box, circling the letter 'l' in the short story 'The little lamb'. This helped the children to learn, understand the concept of numbers and letters better.

Germination was done in a coconut shell to show the different stages of plant. The children were very happy to see the seeds germinate. Zero the Hero activity was also carried out to understand the concept of zero

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