Classroom Activities

Learning with Joy

Every day is a joy to learn new concepts for our KG-I children. They enjoy their day learning something new, which helps them gain confidence in themselves.

The first few years of learning have the greatest impact on a child’s lifelong development; therefore, the learning curve approach is to introduce the child to new concepts and ideas in an engaging manner. The children have time to express their natural ability with a lot of learning activities, physical activities, music and movement as well as time for snacks.When children enjoy what they are doing, they learn faster and grasp concepts better.

We had various activities for our KG-I children. The first activity was water activity where children sailed paper boats in the baby pool. In another activity the children were encouraged to match cursive letters with the upper case letters. A story flash card with letter 'z' was given to the children where children had to identify only the letter 'z' and place the letter 'z' on it. An activity 'Who am I' for letter 'w' was conducted by playing music, where the children moved around all the letters which were stuck on the floor till the music stopped, the child standing on the letter ‘w’ was the winner who had to identify the letter and say the sound of the letter. "Bag the b objects" was another activity where children had to identify only 'b' objects and fill it in the bag.

As its Christmas season, our lovely children had a craft activity where they helped each other to decorate the class. They made a Christmas tree with ice-cream sticks and decorated it with buttons.

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