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MUN, as a simulation of the United Nations, gives students a chance to stand up for issues that matter to the world today. Conference delegates research and prepare policy statements, and draft resolutions.. The Conference also offers students the opportunity to connect and form friendships and alliances beyond their community.

A team of 20 student delegates from NPSI Mysore representing various countries and the four organs of the United Nations took part in this competition held on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November 2017. The four organs UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) , UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) and WHO (World Health Organisation) had specific agendas namely Gender Equality, Eradication of Poverty, Reduction of Global Food Wastage and Providing Water and Sanitation for All .

There were eight other schools from Mysore that participated in this competition. The first day was an orientation session wherein the methodology and terminologies related to MUN were explained. The next two days were rigorous discussion sessions involving proposals for moderated and unmoderated caucuses allowing students to lobby and form blocs of allies. There were leadership summits and conferences on issues of global importance.

Our student delegates actively debated and voiced their opinions with confidence, making their presence felt and winning appreciation from all quarters. This event helped our student delegates to increase their knowledge of diplomacy and develop the skills of critical analysis, public speaking, and negotiation. Seven of our students were awarded the title of 'Best Diplomats' at the conference.

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