Ninaad 2017, A Musical Soiree

Ninaad 2017- the musical event of NPSI Mysore was held on the 24 th November for juniors

(Classes I to V) and 25 th November for seniors (Classes VI to XII). The most awaited weekend saw the musical fiesta spread over two days with two shows per day, with junior and senior performers from all the classes enthralling the audience with their talent. This year’s theme was Radio Ninaad which had the station set to 104.6 BIG FM.

On day one, the juniors portrayed various themes like Festivals, Folklore, Dreams and Seasons. The junior band team Les Incredibles, brought back to life the nostalgic classics from the 80s and chartbusters of the millennium. The foot tapping numbers, interspersed with a catchy jingle and RJ commentaries, left the audience mesmerized. The various groups, in their colourful attires, conveyed their themes perfectly. Each choir group showcased tremendous energy, enthusiasm, melody and confidence. Music is one of the bare necessities of life – this message was aptly conveyed through a finale number bringing together students from all the choir groups. Both the shows for the day were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

The next day, it was the seniors’ turn to enchant the audience! The themes showcased were an amalgamation of classical, western and eastern styles of music. The senior band, ‘Crossover’, took the stage by storm as they played hit songs of this year. The various choir groups had a message to convey to the audience- aptly called Navarasas, Hakuna Matata, Change is Constant and Spreading love and Peace. The senior RJs had the audience in splits with their commentaries spiced up with wit and humour. The Jingle Girls looked resplendent in blue and silver, rendering the catchy jingle in a tuneful way at regular intervals. The grand finale- The Circle of Life – was just the right melody to end the mega event.

The volunteers of Class XII executed their duties responsibly. In her keynote address to the gathering, the Principal Ms. Shubha Achaiah extolled on the importance of extracurricular activities as a necessity to build confidence amongst students.

Ninaad 2017 was yet another successful mega event of NPSI Mysore, which received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation from all quarters.

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